Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Magic Spell

grow... grow... grow... I whisper in my head while munching Oreo.

The night is getting late and my stomach keep grumbling not minding the hour. I wanna scold that annoying digestive of mine which successfully breaking my concentration. Now I can't write anything but to accomplish its selfish wish first; to eat.

I thank myself for dropping by at the convenient store this afternoon, buying some snack that I know I'd need tonight. I had have dinner before but this mag just couldn't stop wailing asking to be feed.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

January's Dilemma

January will soon leave. 2014 is walking so fast, as if it was running on some kind of marathon track. And me who never did good in any march, is being left behind. 

When I saw calendar this morning, I realize I don’t have much time left to be wasted. 

*Does time even served to be wasted in the first place?

I remember last ten days I still squealing in my mind knowing I have plenty time in hand to play. Now when 10 days already passed, I wonder; what I have been doing until now? Not a single day I used to play! Then what? I used my free time to sleep instead XD

*sleepy head

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Lyric] Do Do Da Idi

Nah, this is another song that I love.
Despite this song is a lullaby, it has heavy and sad aura.
The setting was on war era, the character weren't in Aceh at that time. But they wish to go home.
It's about a mother who wishes her son to be a patriot when he grow up, fighting against invaders to defend his country.
I do love this song.

Please listen to this song so you'll know how beautiful it is. [Download here]


Do Do Da Idi

Allah hai do do da idi
Boh gadong bi boh kaye uteun
Rayek sinyak hana peu ma bri
Aib ngon keuji ureung donya kheun

Allah hai do do da idang
Seulayang blang ka putoh taloe
Beurijang rayek muda seudang
Tajak bantu prang tabela nanggroe

[Lyric] Saleum

So, as I am Acehnese, I also listen to Acehnese song. Not love song though, I love to listen to the song which contain moral message/history as well using traditional instrumental such as rapai and seurunee kalee.

Here I'd share you the lyric of my favorite Acehnese song. I haven't translate the lyric because it actually hard to do. If you want me to translate this, please comment on this post.
This song is really beautiful!

If you ever watched Ketika Cinta Bertasbih Movie, you must know this song.

[Dowload/listen here]


Salamu’alaikom warahmatullah
Jaroe dua blah ateuh jeumala
Jaroe lon siploh di ateuh ulee
Meu’ah lon lakee bak kaom dum na

Jaroe lon siploh di ateuh ubon
Salamu’alaykom lon tegur sapa

Saturday, January 11, 2014


picture disclaimer

Oh, mirror, mirror on the wall
Say, who's the most beauty in this world?

Di muka cermin yang seluas bingkai jendela
Sesosok manusia mengagumi parasnya

Oh, mirror, mirror on the wall
Say, is there someone as beautiful as me?

Fokus pada kontur wajahnya
Ia mengukir senyum
Dan sepasang mata cembung itu berbinar
Bak gemintang yang berpijar di kelam malam

Menuju (Blang) Bintang - Puisi untuk Kak Mei

Puisi ini ditulis berdasarkan pengalaman mengarungi jalan (belakang) menuju Bandara Iskandar Muda di Blang Bintang ketika trip mata kuliah Psikologi Industri bersama kak mei dan Downiers lainnya :)

Puisi ini memposisikan Kak Mei sebagai penunjuk jalan :D
Berhubung ia selalu melewati jalan ini kalau ke kampus ^_^


Menuju (Blang) Bintang

Rekam perjalanan di ujung Desember,
Ketika dunia bersorak menanti pesta kembang api
Aku, meredam gaduhnya dan gegas berkendara

Deru motor di atas aspal berlubang
Pecah maki dari pejalan kaki
Koloni kambing beradu lari
Hingga gerombol itik yang mencari damai dari genangan air di tepi jalan

Friday, January 10, 2014

Kisah Tanpa Ujung


Jawab apa yang harus kukata ketika kau bertanya?
hanya diam yang kupunya

Namun selidikmu tak kunjung reda
sesaat lalu, sayup kudengar lagi kau ajukan pinta
aku tidak punya sesuatu yang pantas kusemat di lembaran hatimu

Lalu jika kusampaikan, maukah kau mendengar?
akan kubacakan berbait sajak yang tak indah
Dan, sebuah penegasan; kau tak akan pernah mengerti, meski aku berujar berulang kali
sebab tiada wajar apa yang hendak kuucap

Maka dengarlah, karena kau telah memintaku bercerita
meski tak sepatah pun dapat kau maklumi, jangan minta aku berhenti
dengarlah hingga ia berakhir pada jalannya,
ketika tinta penaku mengering dan jemariku keriting
kala seluruh kata yang kumiliki tumpah dalam alurnya

Bila ia telah sampai pada hilir, dan kau tak dapat lagi memandang hulunya,
disanalah ia berakhir.
Lalu aku sampai pada kalimat yang menakutkan
membuat resahku lahir jadi peluh, lisan pun seketika kelusatu kalimat keramat itu, penutup setiap sajak yang kuramu

"Aku mencintaimu.”

Indrapuri, 2012.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Birthday List of The Year

umareta koto Oh~
deaeta koto Oh~
ima soba ni ireru koto arigatou
ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi

\\(*o*)//  \\(^0^)//  d(*o*)//  \\(^o^)9 \\(^o*)/7 \\(*O^)b  \\(*3*)//

This is the story about me and my best friends. Just a simple note about our precious moments last year. I wrote this because to cherish our memories together and answer a question of one of them who ever asks;  
"why you never write about us in your blog?"
So, here it is Kak Mei :p

I should have posted this on December, bur for some reasons I forgot it. To make it up to them, I think about posting it early this year, before another round of birthday comes.

\\(*o*)//  \\(^0^)//  d(*o*)//  \\(^o^)9 \\(^o*)/7 \\(*O^)b  \\(*3*)//

1. Aira (March 27)

Do I need to write any thing about this person? I bet you (regular visitor of this blog) already know who is she. Yeah, she always coming here whenever she feels like spamming this blog. Yup, she's no other than the owner of this blog; Me.

I turned 19 right at March 27, 2013 and will soon close my teenager life. I'll become and adult, but what I'm worrying is, will I grow mature?
This childish girl at her late teen is seriously afraid of becoming 20.

Well, maybe I'll write about that later, if I have a chance to life in that age.

btw, you can read about my past birthday in my facebook note; My 19th Birthday. It's written in Indonesian though.

Here some photos of the day... (sorry for the quality)

where the surprise begun

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

No Comment (A draft from December)

When I have problem, that should be you where I'd go... That should be you whom I could let out my anxiety, sharing my uneasy feeling...
But even the person I trust the most wouldn't hear and understand me. So the last thing I could do is pretending that I'm alright.

Crying again, in silence.

Good Bye 2013 - Welcome 2014

Happy new year!


Yes, I know, I'm late.
But hey, I just feeling coming into this year today. What the...?
Some parts of my memory still linger in 2013. Even when the last day of 2013 is about to leave, I didn't feel like saying good bye to soon-to-be past year. I keep myself thinking that the year is not yet changed.

Now ask why did I act like that?
Because I was put in not-so-nice situation in a very day of new year. I was facing final exam since Dec 31 until yesterday. So yeah, when 2014, I was busy with my study and keep the new year standing before my door. 
But don't worry, as I woke up this morning, I opened my mind's door so 2014 could come in and smiling widely with the sun.

Let's give 2014 some rest before I talk about it, I'm sure it was tired standing and knocking on my door while I didn't mind him at all. 

Now, let me say 2013 a proper goodbye...


Dear 2013,