Who Is Aira?

I was born on March 27, 1994 in a small village that take place in Indrapuri, Aceh, Indonesia. My birth name is Ajran Nura. Actually I love this name very very much because it's given by my parents, and the word itself sounds cool. But for people around me, 'Ajran' sounds more like a boy name than girl. No exception at school, teachers always looking at the boys seat when they mention my name in attending list for the first time.

The word "Aira" was originally taken from my complete name, merging it together and replace letter U with I. It sounds sweet and of course girly. That's why I have that as my new nickname. Because some people have difficulty to spell my real name, I end up always using my nickname. At the same time hiding my real identity. Hehe

I am an ordinary girl, love to read books and writing (or scribbling) very much. I never go anywhere without book and pen. Despite that, I never feel geeky or being told so by people around me. Beside writing, I also love listening music and daydreaming. I am struggling to play guitar and thinking of composing a song (dream on~).

Currently, I am studying psychology in Syiah Kuala University. I take this major because I have huge interest in human behavior and I dream of becoming a clinical psychologist in near future. I think studying human is much more interesting than other animals. Oh yes, but I hate medical thingy because I can't stand to see awful scenery of human bodies much more to touch them (my fear towards this can almost be considered as phobia I guess). I don't want to be a doctor. No, thanks.

To be a psychologist. One of many requirements is to have a good English skill. That's why I create this blog and start writing in English. I have some previous blogs but not really active there so I decide to shut it down and just play here. You who have read my post must have known that my English is terrible. I am sorry for those broken grammars and poor vocabularies. Because...
"I write to practice, not to show off"
I am fully conscious that my English could not be considered as good. But for me who just begin to like this foreign language on my 2nd years of high school (about 4 years ago), this is just a beginning of "studying" English seriously. Before, I didn't really pay attention and deny the importance of it.
I am not a fast learner, but it's not yet time to give up.

"It's not about can you do it? Or can you not do it?
If you try it and it's no good then find the source of where you when wrong, improve it and then try it one more time.
It's good to try it as many times as you need until you get it right."
- Yamada Ryosuke

I also has strong interest in Japan. I watch Japanese movies, dramas, anime(s), and listening to Japanese music. My favorite artist is Hey! Say! JUMP but I also listen to other Johnny's. I post some lyric of their songs in here because it's impressive for me.
For now, Japanese music is dominating my playlist.

Well, that's a little information about me.
If you want to be friend with me, don't feel hesitate to say hello in Google Hangouts or simply leave a comment in any of my post.

Happy reading!