Saturday, January 25, 2014

January's Dilemma

January will soon leave. 2014 is walking so fast, as if it was running on some kind of marathon track. And me who never did good in any march, is being left behind. 

When I saw calendar this morning, I realize I don’t have much time left to be wasted. 

*Does time even served to be wasted in the first place?

I remember last ten days I still squealing in my mind knowing I have plenty time in hand to play. Now when 10 days already passed, I wonder; what I have been doing until now? Not a single day I used to play! Then what? I used my free time to sleep instead XD

*sleepy head

 Perhaps, I have sleep disorder?

Nah, one more question appeared; I did sleep 8 hr/day which usually only 6hrs, then how could I don’t get any bigger? It’s upset me, since one of my 2014 resolutions is to grow taller and gaining weight.


Aren’t babies doing that thing to grow? Eating and sleeping. Why is that trick didn’t work on me? I’m no longer a baby. Okay, I accept the reason. But I’m a teenager still!

Am I going to fail this year as well?

Ups, it’s still so early to say that. Thinking negative would only lead me in another episode of laziness. I should move! That would be shameful if I didn’t make any progress this year. There’s still two months left before my first deadline come. I wanna complete my writing project before my birthday!

*Saying those things, but what I’ll do is traveling around after this.

No more time to nap, new semester will begin on Feb 3. I’ll be busy with college assignment again by then. How boring. The only solution is to work now if I don’t want to repeat the same mistake I did last year; abandoning many writing project until the idea completely gone -_-

Oh no! That’s dangerous for my creativity. If I keep ignoring the idea which is bugging me, I’m afraid it would never come anymore. But again, how is to fight this laziness?

I need chocolate… I need chocolate… I need some chocolate~!

*and I’m too lazy to go out buying them.