Monday, June 22, 2015

Let's Eat Ice~

When my period is coming near, I start craving for ices; ice cream, ice coffee, ice tea, ice syrup, ice block, ice rock, every kind of ice that's cold. Ah, I might as well be watching Frozen.

So here I am now... in between the fridge door, kidnapping some ices from its home to have a glass of cold milk accompany my late dinner.
I hope no one sees me... it's passed midnight already.

Whoop, don't protest. I know, I know, an ice is not a good company at night especially when you're cycle is approaching. But you know~ it's quite a dilemma. You know how craving for something drive you crazy, and having the mini "ice factory" at home is just telling you that no reason to restrain from the cute little fellow.

Oh, mom, please... don't scold me. I need to consume this to cool down my head the next day. Otherwise I'll be the hungry monster you don't want to meet. That monster... you know, steal all the available ingredients in your magic cabinet to do a little experiment and come out with a meal you're doubting to eat.

So, mom, please..

Let it go
Let's eat ice
Can't holding back anymore

Let it go
Let's eat ice
Till the way it freeze your tongue

I don't care what they're going to say
Let the spoon work on
Cold never bother me anyway~