Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Good Bye 2013 - Welcome 2014

Happy new year!


Yes, I know, I'm late.
But hey, I just feeling coming into this year today. What the...?
Some parts of my memory still linger in 2013. Even when the last day of 2013 is about to leave, I didn't feel like saying good bye to soon-to-be past year. I keep myself thinking that the year is not yet changed.

Now ask why did I act like that?
Because I was put in not-so-nice situation in a very day of new year. I was facing final exam since Dec 31 until yesterday. So yeah, when 2014, I was busy with my study and keep the new year standing before my door. 
But don't worry, as I woke up this morning, I opened my mind's door so 2014 could come in and smiling widely with the sun.

Let's give 2014 some rest before I talk about it, I'm sure it was tired standing and knocking on my door while I didn't mind him at all. 

Now, let me say 2013 a proper goodbye...


Dear 2013,

I never thought you'd gone that fast, I still can't forget you, or maybe will never forget you.
When I know you'd be going away, I had this mixed feeling inside of me. I hope you would stay longer...
But of course I know, a year age is only 365 days, not more or less. So no matter how hard I beg you, I know you won't stay...

I was just getting used to be with you, I still have many goals to achieve but I can no longer fulfill it with you. 
I want it to be with you, as I planned it from the first. I'm sad that you leave... 

However, thanks to you,
I learned so many things while you here, experiencing bitter fact, getting scold here and there, crying while driving, going to some place I've never been, having great time with my family, smiling widely with others... get so many new friends as well learning many things from them.

and because I want to grow up as someone who doesn't have any regret, I think I success this year. Since I could let you go with smile. Even if I did do something bad and got hurt of my own carelessness, I already forgiven myself :)

Good bye, thank you~


Welcome 2014!

Even if I still feeling foreign with your presence, I know I will soon get used to see you everywhere.
I'm sorry but I haven't decided any new goals to be fulfill with you--yet. All that I have now is something that 2013 left me. The goals, it's still the same as I had last year, and I hope it won't end like that anymore...
I want to achieve it this year, seriously, for real...
So 2014, will you help me?

We still have many days to be spend together, and I'll work hard in my free time, to make my dreams comes true. No matter what, I don't want to experience the same failure. It's not like I regret it, but I really am stupid if I don't make any progress in a year, aren't I?

I put my hope with you. My time is limit, I know.
I pray for us to have great time from now on :)

So, let's get along well together! :D