Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Magic Spell

grow... grow... grow... I whisper in my head while munching Oreo.

The night is getting late and my stomach keep grumbling not minding the hour. I wanna scold that annoying digestive of mine which successfully breaking my concentration. Now I can't write anything but to accomplish its selfish wish first; to eat.

I thank myself for dropping by at the convenient store this afternoon, buying some snack that I know I'd need tonight. I had have dinner before but this mag just couldn't stop wailing asking to be feed.

After one bite, my grumpy mood has disappeared. I guess it was being swallowed along with that Oreo. Then I make myself thinking from other angle. Eating late at night is not that bad if you wanna gain weight, right?
So I wish this not-so-good action to help me in achieving my goal.

"Aira~ you'll get fat if you eat at this hour!" Putri said when she saw me taking another biscuit.
"For now, I don't mind it." Yeah, since my intention is to gain weight in the first place.

So now, I'm snacking whilst repeating this spell in mind; grow... grow... grow...
A spell to grow bigger? :p

Oh yeah. Let's close those Microsoft Word worksheet and focus on eating XD