Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rainy Story: Homesick

"Peace is when heavy rain falls, strong wind blows and I get to observe it all from inside of my house.
I think it the happiness of knowing that my house protects me..."

- Chinen Yuri

My home. Taken one year ago.


I guess I get homesick again?

I just come to my new lodge four days ago and I already get this feeling of wanting to go back home soon.

The university is starting the new semester and I moved from my old share house and rent a room near the campus. It was a bit strange, since I lived alone in this room. I have never had a room to my own! I was always sharing room with someone else. I shared room with my sisters at home. I also lived in dormitory when I was junior high student and I moved to share house once I entered high school.

Now in my second year in university, I lived in the lodge near my campus and have a room by myself. It’s so lonely. Have no one to talk to and eating alone.

It’s been four days I do the same routine. Waking up early in the morning, going to campus –or not, come back to my room, cleaning, doing watching movie or chatting with friends to kill boringness, and sleep again.

Today is a bit different, the heavy rain poured in the afternoon. Which is once again reminds me of home. 
That time when I observed the downpour through the glass window, one thing that flicked in my head was, “I wanna go home…”

Rainy time around my home...

The view in the front yard (left side)

front yard: right side

back yard.
photo angle: two meters above the ground.

So, yeah. I feel like crying. I miss my home so bad. I miss my room –which I share with my two little sisters. I miss cooking in the kitchen, rolling on the living room floor, sitting at the back door, waiting for sunset in the veranda…

When the rain falls, I usually head to the kitchen to brew coffee. Yes, my favorite is coffee and rainy day is the perfect time to enjoy it. I had it every morning and also at night sometimes. It’s not causing me any bad impact. I still could sleep well even if I drank more than one cup per day.

But here, I could only drink a cup each day. It’s because I bought instant coffeemix sachets, so I must to be a little frugal. Honestly, I love black coffee more, but this temporary time I still don’t have sugar with me so it’s impossible for me to have coffee except I willing to drink pure black coffee.

No, I can’t!

When would have dinner after Maghrib and have a light chat afterwards or watch news together.




So many things about my home. I don’t want to talk more about because I’m afraid I can’t hold my tears.
It’s not big, it’s not luxurious. My home is just a simple house in the village. Far away from the crowded town and the last in row.

But, I just want to say, I LOVE MY HOME SO MUCH.



Darussalam, Sept 5, 2013