Monday, April 8, 2013

Studying or Writing?

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The war just begun!
Yeah, mid semester is a beginning of disaster.
To be honest, studying is one of things that I hate the most in this world. Why? Because it tiring. Even though there’s a lot of way to study, it’s still can’t attracted me.

Entering the middle of semester makes me feel uneasy. It’s mean that I’ll face midterm test and I should provide additional time to study. From now on, collage life will slowly become harder. 

I’m just a 1st year student in university. At first I think that I’m just lucky to pass national entering exam, I was really pessimistic, because I have no confident during the test. But Allah blessed me, He gives me an opportunity to studied Psychology in a university :)

Well, I realize I shouldn’t have waste my time. But it’s me. A dreamer. I can never focus in studying before I throw away ‘garbage’ in my head. And the only way is writing. As long as the idea for writing still stored in my head, it feel as if my brain reject to work in other thing. Uzai ne?
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For some reason, I prevent myself from writing in previous week. That’s because a lot of subject have middle test in that time. So, I try to stop my writing activity and force myself to study. 

It’s FAILED! All ideas jumping in my head, my eyes acts as spotlight and my fingers reach the pen without compromise. My notebook was full with scribbles again T.T

Next time, I won’t betray myself anymore. I’ll continue writing even in final test. I think that both solution and the best therapy for my wild thought.

“Aira, where are you?” someone's voice
“I’m here, right in front of you”
“So… How far you have been daydreaming just now?” stare at me scarily
“Hm… I was driving an airplane when you  called.”
"Just die!" 

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