Thursday, August 29, 2013

Share House Story Part 1: Unexpected Crush

This part is undeniably unique, where the three of us had a crush towards the same person. He was our senior at school, the member of student council.

How could something like that happen?

Let me see it for a while…

When you enter a new school, there’s always an entrance ceremony when you’d be greet by the principal and schools staff. But of course, aside of that, there also another kind of ‘ceremony’ that held by student council. Almost all high school held that kind of event to welcome the new students, including the school we enrolled.

It’s usually been called School Orientation. But heck, it only contain about 50% thing that we could categorized as orientation of school, the rest was seniority thingy. Something like bringing weird property and doing thing that not particularly related to school.

 Well, don’t get me wrong. I’m not against it or something. Since I attended four days full of that event. I’m just saying my opinion. If I were a contra, then I’d not participate. It’s not a must-join event after all.
The main part of that was; hunting the president of student council and its head division signature!

Yeah, that’s hard to figure out which one is the person. Because the committees would only introduce themselves once and purposely hide their real identity. Yeah, you know what I mean. The real person acting as no one and some of not officially committee claimed their selves as those important person.

That when we got confused and wandering around the school, asking the senior whom not a committee about the name of the important person and which division he is. Some of them willing to say the truth but mostly they deceived us, mentioning the wrong person.

Uh, this intro is going so loooong. I’m getting bored. Let’s just skip to the main point.

So, the guy that we were interest in was one of the student council head division (I won’t mention which division, I’m afraid he would read this note!).

That day after we got his signature, we went home together and talked about random thing we experience in school. Putri and I were in the same class and Echa in the next. The chat went long and somehow we end up talking about student council member. That lead to the cheeky topic like who is head division you like the most. That when we met the weird conclusion; the three of us admit that the most attractive was him, although no one knew what made us thought that way.

Since then, we start to guess what thing that made us interest in him. He was not handsome (don’t know how he looks now), he was not beauty (of course!), he was not really a polite person, he was talkative and quite annoying. Despite of those things, he looks like he was a popular person. But still, we couldn’t find what is his charming point (until now). We somewhat thought that he was using something like black magic or so. Because it extremely weird for us to have interest in the same guy and much more in the same timing. For your information, the three of us have a really different type of ideal man.

Luckily, I was fast recovered from that crush disease. Putri followed me afterward. But Echa… she stayed quite long in that state. Looked like she got severe deep crush and fell for him.

That’s how the disaster began. Well, I know, we should not relate something bad that happen with something else and blame it as the cause of the misfortune that befell us.

Knowing the situation, the fact about the crush we experience became a super hot topic among us. Moreover Echa hasn’t get rid of that cursed feelings yet. So, anytime we were together and have spare (or not) time, we would talk about him. Still analyzing what had made us interest in him.

To our surprise, anytime we mention his name, not-so-good thing would happen. One day, we were chatting animatedly in our share room while Putri and I working on class cleaning list art, when suddenly Echa bring out the topic about him (and mention his name of course). I didn’t know how it happen but the red color paste that Echa was holding spurt out and tainted her shirt and bed sheets. It marked strong and can’t be cleaned.

The other day we went shopping to buy home utilities together. That when I felt like teasing Echa, so I ask her, “How if we met him(name) in here?”. We laughed thinking about the possibility and I almost slip from escalator XD

There’s also day in our share house when we unintentionally mention his name. Few second after that, an earthquake shocked us. It was the real one!

Okay, okay, it was just coincidental happening. But again, why it had to be that way? Then we make it a joke. Sometimes we would say, “don’t mention his name!” As if it was a spell to block his black magic XD. That line was really popular back then.

Oh yes, we did think he use black magic (kidding).

What worse, despite we already made him a joke, Echa still wasn’t recover from that feelings. She seriously fell for him (is that right, Cha?). Well, I’m not really sure about that. Something that I knew, she did pursue her love for him, although it was just from behind. Yeah… how I have to put that? She did talk to him, texted him, chatted with him, but all of those happen only by phone and social network. She did never tell him her real identity and show up in front of him.

Well, well, he did see her, but he didn’t know that she was the one who was bugging him all those time. Simply because Echa never told him her name, just a blur hint that she gave; your junior in high school. Well, there are many girls in 1st grade, right?

But she didn’t stop there. I didn’t know what possessed her but she decided to confess to him. To be honest I was as crazy as her that time because I support her to do so. I gave her courage to tell him her feeling. And she did! Using the same trick as before. One afternoon, she dialed his number and said her current feeling. The respond was lame, he didn’t say anything and kept silence. Few second later, he did say something; “I’m surprised”. Yes, only that. That made us furious and grumbling, cursing his ‘alien’ attitude.

What happened next?

I forget :p

~*To be continued - to another part*~

1.       Well, I don’t really remember the chronology of things happened. So, I’ll just post it by point with random themes that I still remember clearly.
2.       The story written in my point of view. If you don’t agree with me, it’s okay. You can complain about it.
3.       Of course there would be another characters too, not only the three of us. Our housemates changed each two years. But don’t don’t worry, we (airel XD) are the main role here.
4.       When posting this, I realized that we haven’t take photo together for quite long time already. So, let’s meet up and take some photos!