Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Just Can't Get It!

There a lot of thing that I don’t understand. Actually it’s really common and we experience it in daily. But still, when I think about it, I can’t find the right explanation how come it be like that. It’s so confusing and hard to explain. Anyhow, I just can’t understand that!
So, these are some of that.

  1. Why do people cry?
I know there’s a lot of reasons; being and getting hurt, sad, losing, fear and such. But why? Why they express those emotions with crying? Is that the only way to release it all? And why the hell I become a crybaby? I often ask myself, do I really need to cry at this moment? Even when I try to hold it, why do tears so stubborn and flow without I even permit them? Tear is so cruel and betrayed me almost all the time. When I want to look strong and acting like everything is alright, they would jump out of my eyes corner and telling to the world that I was broken.
Why it have to be like that?

  1. Why I feel nervous when I had to speak in front a lot people?
They who sat before my eyes were human, just like me. I shouldn’t feel awkward to speak with the same species, right?

  1. What with eye-contact? How could it scare me? What’s inside the orbs that makes people can’t stare into it at certain moment? How could a glare send a shiver to other? How do we exactly know that is a murderous, pleading, sharp, and other kind of glare? I just can’t understand that!
    Eye could even kill people with its stare. They reflect everything, love and hatred.
    Eye. They said it never lie. Does it right?

 4.  Why does men smoke?
Nah, this is the most that I want to know. Does smoking increase their pride? I learned that they start smoking even at very young age. Everybody knows that smoking isn’t good for health. But why? Why no one seems to care? What’s so good about smoking? 

Well, I'm not denying that some female also smoke, but it's rare to see women smoke, especially here in  my place.  While men, half of population are smoking.

As I’m allergy to the smoke, I can’t stand to be close to them. The tobacco could be smell even at a far distance. It’s so strong and smothering.
I don’t hate smoker, I just can’t stand being close to them, and I don’t want any of them to be my life partner. It’s killing me.

  1. Why there people who really love to talk? How could they talk without any pause, at any moment and any place? Okay, they got a mouth and tongue, so they use it to speak. I have it too! But I still know where I should zip it.
Well you know, there’s time when we should rest our vocal and work with other sense. We bless with one mouth and two ears, which mean we have to use it more than the other one.
Honestly, I hate people whom can’t read the atmosphere nor understand the situation or never even care about it.
In the forum and class, there’s always people who talk while the main actor (lecturer or speaker) were explaining things, making a faint noise in the back seat.
Seriously, if they have something on mind why don’t they just keep it until the forum end? It’s so frustrating to have a ‘nonstop talking-machine’ in the class!

  1. How is the best way to concentrate? As long as I remember, I had never succeed this matter. I always easily get distract by anything. When I was doing my homework and something caught my attention, I could simply neglected my task and direct to the ‘disturber’. I wasn’t really focus on that though, but I might completely forget the task and felt lazy to resume it. Yes, it happen almost everytime.
Have any trick to keep focus? Especially in studying, since I hate it quite bad.
Share it with me!


Is there anyone who understand? Please help to explain it to me.