Friday, September 27, 2013

PKA6 (6th Aceh Culture Week)

Hi everyone!

Finally, after a long time, I come back writing something worth reading again. Yes I know, my recent entry is just about my selfish rants and anything not-important-to-read.

I got a lot reasons why I *ehm* stop *ehm* writing, it’s was just mainstream excuse. I got plenty much task in college, which I was lazy to do of course XD

Okay, let’s cut the boring intro. This time I want to share you one of the biggest event on my region, Aceh. It’s PKA6! (Pekan Kebudayaan Aceh)6th Aceh Culture Week, the event that only held once in 4-5 years. The 6th PKA began since 20 Sept and will be close on 29 Sept 2013, located in Lamprit, Banda Aceh.

for you who haven’t got there, don’t miss the chance!

As I live not so far from the PKA area, I come there almost every day! Hehe. Well, I came there by invitation of different company, so it’s never boring :D

Okay, now I’d show you some picture I took on my 2nd time exploring PKA. Enjoy!

(PKA6 official site: PKA6)

~* Regency *~

1.           Aceh Besar

Great Aceh Culture House

The visitors allow to enter the house. We may go in to see interior and traditional properties. Each regency has its own thew. The main fair is about the district's bridal bed and wedding. But there's also some other goods that original from its district.

The Great Aceh's art and culture fair (beneath the house)

The house miniature

Some paintings...

rattan mat and hood of food manufacture

"Songket" Weaver

"Songket" is a kind of fabric which originally apply on custom clothing that usually wear to go on ceremony and wear as wedding dress nowadays.


Some other crafts

Nail polish (Acehnese henna)

In Aceh culture, henna applied on bride consecutively since three days before the wedding ceremony. The painter is volunteer from neighborhood who has good skill in drawing. It apply on both hands (palms, back of the hand), foots and nails. The drawing theme is flowers, which mostly is flower vine.
But of course, not only bride who has the right to apply henna, everybody may do. Acehnese girls love to apply henna on their skin.

Applying henna
we decided to apply some since the cost was FREE XD

we must wait until it's dry and clean the henna. the time span long depends on weather an the room temperature. that day it was about one hour, since the sun was quite bright.

This is the result...


2.           Aceh Barat

custom house

Bridal throne



3.     Aceh Barat Daya

custom bridal throne

bedroom with traditional bed

custom antiques

trans: used for ceremony

house entrance

the yard

4.           Aceh Jaya

5.           Aceh Selatan

the house: front angle


Throne with the bridal

Throne with the bridal

Another custom thrones...

trans: Kluet ethnic's past wedding throne

The kitchen with its traditional cookwares

6.           Aceh Singkil


The house

The wedding throne

A small part of kitchen

Ps: cannot take a pic of another part

7.           Aceh Tamiang

8.           Aceh Timur

Ps: I couldn't enter the house because there was some kind of ceremony being held inside on that day.

The exhibition of custom goods in the right yard

9.           Aceh Tengah

10.      Aceh Tenggara

11.      Aceh Utara

12.      Bener Meriah

13.      Bireuen

14.      Gayo Lues

15.      Nagan Raya

16.      Pidie

17.      Pidie Jaya

18.      Simeulue

~* Municipality*~

19.      Banda Aceh

20.      Langsa

21.      Lhokseumawe

22.      Sabang

23.      Subulussalam

PS: regarding the missing picture, I’d upload it later. I didn’t visit all stands because it’s tiring. I plan to come there again so I’d make up for it and fill the missing corner with its pictures.