Monday, June 30, 2014

Ramadan Story: Day 1 - It Went Smoothly

Marhaban ya Ramadhan...
Welcome Ramadhan...
Selamat Datang wahai Ramadhan...

Most of creatures excited to welcome this month, except for some who don't know the features of this month--yet. I am one of them, as the due date was getting closer, I pray to Allah to prolong my life so I will encounter this month again this year. I was so afraid that I'd die before the first Tarawih prayer last night.

Well, it's almost iftar time when I write this now, I'll just write some part then continue after tonight's Tarawih.

What's the special thing of the first day? It's the passion!
Everyone still in the high excitement of doing worship, I myself felt that too. Somehow I could overcome my sleepiness and read Holy Quran. Hehe

Well, well, this is my note from the first day.


 I was so engrossed in reading Quran that I didn't realize the azan almost reverberated. It was my father who suddenly exclaimed.
"Is no one going to Masjid?"
Because of that remark, I lifted my head and glanced at clock wall. It's 7.50 pm.
"20 minutes before the Isha prayer." My father continued and I end my reading.

I went to dining room and grab my dinner. Small portion of rice with "rendang". I eat in hurry then rush into bath room to take wudhu and prepare to go to Masjid.

At the door, I was confused, I just realize that my sandal was gone and I had nothing to wear. My little sister who was being so kind appeared from another door carrying a pair of green sandal for me. I suspected that it was my father's, since the number was so large and I look like a child wearing their parent's; out of size. I wore them nevertheless.

Somehow, I started getting sleepy after Isha prayer, and the long discourse from Imam didn't help at all. I felt like going back to my childhood age, when I fight against my sleepiness just to finish the first two rakaah of Tarawih. The drowsiness lasts until witir even when I was walking home. I almost stumble on my steps because I was walking with eyes half-lidded. Thanks God, I reached home safely without embarrassing myself.

#Reading Holy Quran

I set another target this year, that I should at least finish reading it twice this month. Thus, I eagerly read the Qur'an after Magrib prayer on the first night. 

It was my sister who halted my reading because she suddenly voice out. "It's already Ramadan?" I was speechless before answering. "Yes, we're gonna do Tarawih prayer in next hour."

I didn't blame her for being oblivious. The news about Ramadan was covered with World Cup issues and the Campaign of President Election in this country; Indonesia. The two big event happen at time with Ramadan.

But as I'm not really interest with both, I'm successfully drowning myself in reading Quran. Trying my best to fulfill my goal this Ramadan and lessening time of doing unnecessary stuff.

I read Quran after each prayer and when I feels like have nothing to do.


I have no complain about this.

Like the previous Ramadan, the must served menu on Sahur time is "Sie Reuboh" as long as this meat appeared on the table, I won't complain a thing.

But seems like I got the wrong portion this sahur. Maybe because I woke up kinda late, there's only two plates left on the table with rice in it. Without thinking I grab the big one and put the side dish as much as my heart want. Just when my sister took the only plate left and went to the kitchen, I realize that the rice on my plate was not my usual portion.

What to do then? I already added the side dish thus I had to eat them all. Well, I finished it somehow. But okay, eating beyond your portion is disaster. I got so full that I could only drink one glass, while usually I could even store three glass of water during sahur.

Okay, okay, I should rest much to prevent dehydration. 

#Afternoon Nap

In order to keep my body fit, I decided to rest so I could forget the thirst on my throat. I laid on my bed facing the wall, hiding from the sunlight that invade my room from the opened windows.

The atmosphere was quit, the weather was so hot and the sun enjoying itself up there in the sky. The heat surely made my temper crawling up. I felt it hard to handle my anger during sunny day.

Suddenly, a giggle touch my ears and forced my eyes to opened. It was already hard to ask dream to come down in the hot air. But my brother was dare to disturb my fight in calling the dreamland. 

Wait! Why was he in my room anyway? I didn't even realize when did he come in and there he was, conversing with my little sister while laughing continuously. I was annoyed so I scold them, but they didn't mind that I repeated my protest again and again. Until my father heard the noise and scold the noisy kids, they're going silent.

So then, I was back with my effort of flying into dreamland. It was successful in the end.


I didn't expect a thing for the first day but cold beverage. I told you that I only drink one glass of water so I felt so dry. Cold water would help me to feel better.
But hey, I couldn't find ice block in the refrigerator, and it made me so crestfallen. My hope to get a cold chocolate drink had vanished already. I want to slumped on the floor and crying hard, but it was Ramadan and it's not the time to exaggerate. 

Thinking of another way, I still brew the chocolate then put in in the fridge. Hoping that refrigerant box would freeze the liquid faster than usual. In the end, it still warm when the iftar time comes and I gulp the beverage my family prepares. With the date fruit and fried noodle, I end the fasting today.

And the chocolate... I got them out the fridge after Tarawih prayer and the sensation of drinking it wasn't disappointed at all :D