Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Student's Diary: Memoirs of 4th Semester

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As expected, I spent my day strolling the internet world. It didn't earn much though, as I was only reading some articles and checking the fandom site for funny videos. I'm in high desperate of laughing stock, this past semester had transformed me into someone I never knew before, showing myself that I have another side which I didn't even thought exist in me. After all the torture I got, I'm planning to enjoy a week full before Ramadan and get my revenge; to relax.


Hey, did I sound awful in the first paragraph? Hehe... 
I'm sorry to mention something like "this past semester had transformed me into someone I never knew before, showing myself that I have a side I didn't even thought exist in me". I didn't mean that I became a monster or power ranger or something alike of that. It just... 

Okay, before I explain the sentence above, I want to make an assumption;  
"Someone who know me and read this might checking their files of memory now, searching for a hint of what I mean by that strange sentence. People who had been with me along this semester must trying to find bizarre thing about me in this semester that they remember, then making a hypothesis and continue reading." 

But still, I don't think they would make it right :p

Well, are you curious about it? I guess no one do, so I won't take my time to explain. Let's skip that~

Nah, ever since the exam end. My fellow and me left with nothing to do. 
Right~ we were once a super busy student during the end of this semester. Pestering people to be a participant in our practice, writing a report afterwards, revising the mistake in it, doing another practice, and doing assignment has become our daily.

Aside of those practice, we still had to work on a project, holding a Focus Group Discussion to discuss about public perspective of smoking behavior, it was for a certain subject score's sake.

This semester was just too much and realizing that we still have to face the upcoming semesters which will be worse than this. So I asked myself: why do I have to do all of this?
Oh well, the answer is very obvious; because I want to be a psychologist in the future. So I should not complain about a thing.

Then when the series of practice end and we got our freedom back, I was like; what I am going to do now???
I had never thought that stopping doing those tiring things would bring me a boring day. So I nap.

 Apparently, it wasn't the end, there were still more for us to go through; final exam.

No comment. 

No comment.

No comment.

I don't want to talk about that. Since it was end and the result has been published already, it's past and I kinda hate history :p

Well, the truth is, exam and its result is a sensitive topic. Whenever this topic mentioned, I would hear a buzz of the subtopics: today's exam questions, the mistake made during exam, stressful comment of failing to answer the question correctly, the regret of knowing the correct answer after discussing after class.
Student do love to pull stressor into their selves. 

This note is going nowhere. Let's move to other topic already~

Somehow, we undergo this semester differently. It was the first time we didn't put so much pressure on ourselves during exam. Perhaps, we just fed up with the practice that we desperately seeking for a break and because we didn't get it, we served the exam time--which is supposed to be the very time when we had to be serious over all matter-- as our relax time. 

After the exam class, we head to a cafe straightly, and stayed there for sometimes. Our excuse was to have lunch, yeah excuse. The fact is we went there to drown ourselves in hotspot area, entertaining ourselves with each interest. I thought it was just for the first day, since the exam was like a joke (read: Student's Diary: The First Day of Final Exam ) and we need to refresh our mind and make it more positive. But it continue the next day and the next day... we were nomadic from a cafe into another everyday. I didn't always go though, but they were certain persons who did :p

Well, well, and we survive that new hobby until... today

Getting sleepy, so I would stop here.


Sayonara exam-kun~
'till we meet again.
I love you <3

Indrapuri, June 24th, 2014