Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'm Tired and I...

"Why do people cry?"

I haven't gotten the answer of that question, yet.

Right, people cry for various reason. Because they were hurt, they were tired of something, they were upset, and losing something important. But why?

...and is that right or wrong to let out our emotion by crying?

There are people consider as a crybaby. As long as I know, they are people who cry over small thing. Maybe, for many people the reason the cry was something trivia, but who knows what was that for them. Then, is that wrong to cry even if that only about small things? Why do people see it somewhat negative to be a crybaby?

Well, there also times when I didn't understand why do I'm crying. I just can't... explain it.
Sometimes I feel that it was stupid to cry because of that reason, and I feel ashamed of myself to breakdown like that.

There's time I cried because I was upset... I cried because I was tired, or fed up of something. I cry because I can't stand the situation and I want to run away. I cry because I got enough of everything and I want something new.

So many reason to make me cry, right?
and I don't know why those thing let me to shed tears.