Sunday, June 9, 2013

Studying or Writing? (Sequel)

What am I doing?

Staring my PC monitor. Confused.

Tomorrow final exam will start, I don't know how will I face that day. I don't finish studying yet, but I'm already sleepy.

Don't ask how can that happen. I took a nap this afternoon and woke up when the sun almost set. It's might one of a pre-exam syndrome, like I was experience before my national exam in high school. Because weeks ago, I used to sleep late at night, but now it turn out to be Hypersomnia? Maybe.

Last night I didn't get enough sleep because I stayed at relative's house. The sister of my aunt got married today. So my sister and I came to sleep over there and help the wedding preparation.

Although the party wasn't really big, the preparation was very hard. People busy doing this and that, and the householder busy wandering around because so many people asked 'where is this' and 'what to do next' to them.

Okay... I'll stop talking about the wedding now. I plan to write about that in the upcoming note. Because tonight I only want to write about myself.

Ah... there's scary wind outside. I'm shivering. My body beg to crouch under the blanket soon. Oh, please, how about tomorrow exam? I also didn't finish my statistics project.
Grrrh... Give me a break, please! Talking about lesson and tasks makes me want to gulp the electric fan in front me.

Loveless opening instrument played in sudden. My phone ringing. Oh yes, it's my uncle. I just used Call Me service to contact him. I have no pulse remain so I ask him to refill it for me. One of my friends text me, sharing about his feeling. I think I should reply him since I have the same feeling as his tonight. So relax. Huft...

Oh no, stop writing. I should have!
I must read all those presentation slides before midnight. Because by the moment when the light turn off, I'll definitely fall asleep.

Wait! Why I put this title? It has nothing to do with writing, right?
Of course it does!
Anytime I turn on the PC, all that I want to do is write something. Yes, that how it is. Then the moment I click the college file folder, so many ideas appear on my mind, lead me to open Ms.Word worksheet and writing some story.

Why? I just don't know.
All of my friends know that I'm bad at studying, but I still try to re-read some of the subject that I had learn in class. Well, the most thing that worrying me is I don't have any worries about tomorrow exam.
Someone please come and slap my hand! Stop me from updating this blog entry.

Okay, my uncle didn't fulfill my wish yet. I feel sorry to him because I can't reply him and I'm lazy to log in to facebook and say sorry by that social network. Since I don't have any eager to study, I should punish myself by hiatus from that world.

Well, I think it's enough.
I'll be back to my real world.

What will I do now? Reading some material course?
I hope so.