Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cloudy Wednesday

Woke up late again!

Ah, I have to hurry. Biopsychology class will start at 8 am. Because of that, I mess up my morning routines today. First I brush my teeth and then drinking coffee. It’s wrong, ne? But who care? I even skip my breakfast.

After dress up, I got confused again. Where did I put my shock? I paced around in my house to find it. Oh, Mom, I couldn’t find it. Where was it gone? I didn’t have any clue. Things always became worse when I’m in rush. At last, when I decide to leave without that, I found it in my bag!


Ok, forget about that annoying shock. I have to leave soon or I’m gonna be late. I only have 30 minutes left before the class and the journey is about 30 kilometers!
“Mom, I’ll be going. Ittekimasu!”


I actually yell this from front yard, “Kak, jak beh… Assalamu’alaykum” – Sis, I’ll be going. Assalamu’alaykum (muslim greeting), as my Mom had already leave to send my little sister to school. Not really concern she heard that or not, I straightly rode my motorbike.

The road was a bit crowded. Yeah, it was morning after all. Older people are getting to work and children going to their school. I rode the motorbike carefully – and a bit faster than usual – considering my motorcycle accident that happened about 3 months ago, I have to keep calm along journey. 

Wha… I entered safe schools area. The police stand by the street. I lower the speed a bit, from 80 to 60 km per hour. It still fast ne? Haha. Pardon me Mr. Policeman, it was urgent.

Ok, safe!

They didn’t scold me like the previous time. That time I was also in hurry, and I rode the motorbike faster than today. When I entered the 4th safe schools area, Mr. Policeman waved at me and shouted; don’t ride to fast! I heard it but I couldn’t give any respond. Forgive me Mr. Policeman, I won’t do it again. Promise ^^v

I passed all 4 safe schools area without problem. I’m proud of it, thinking that my driving skill has improved and I obey all traffic rules – except the speed rate :D 

Look Mr. Policeman, I’m a good child, right? You won’t regret to give me driving license.
After that is rice field area. I felt that the weather became worse. The dark clouds were floating on the sky. Oh… no, there’s downpour in the mountain. Will I make it before the rain coming here? I’m not even reached half of the journey. 

The wind blowed stronger. I felt like I will get flied by that. Cause my slim (flat) and light body weight. Allah, please help me. I don’t want to die here. 

No matter what, I have to continue driving or I’ll get stuck by the rain. If that happen, I can’t attend the class. That’s bad!

The wind didn’t sign that it’d stop but turned out stronger instead. I pray to Allah again to save me. It looked like it’ll turn into hurricane soon. The sky became darker and the rain began to fall. The temperature was really cold. Should I stop to put up the rain coat? I’m afraid that I’ll catch a cold since I didn’t eat anything. I can’t stand to cold after all.

But I didn’t have time. It was just 15 minutes left. How could I arrive on time if I stop somewhere? Better not.

While keep riding the motor, I regret myself. Why did I wake up late? Oh, thanks to articles about Hey! Say! JUMP that I read last night, where the members said that they wake up around 9 am every morning and preparing just in 5 minutes. That time I think about trying it too. So I slept again after did Subuh prayer until Mom waking me up at 6.45 am. I couldn’t finish preparing in 5 minutes that I end up being late.

Waking up at 9 am? I can’t stop thinking about it until now. How if I do so? Holiday will come within two weeks. I think I will get fat sooner by doing that. Wkwkwk. That mean my “Gaining Bodyweight Project” will be success this year. In addition I’d get whack by Mom every morning. Kidding ^^V
My mom not that scary.

Rain began to fall, the wind blowed even harder. Now my clothes getting wet bit by bit. No, I can’t stop. Be patient, Ra. just a little more you will arrive at the destination.

I was afraid. I higher the speed to make it went faster so I could arrive there early. The sky atmosphere was scary. It was look like it gonna sent a typhoon that could blow up the mountain. I didn’t dare to take a peek.
 Luckily, I got to campus district safe, even though I got stuck by the traffic jam on the Lamnyong Bridge. I stopped in front University Hospital to check my mailbox. I was kind of hearing my phone rang when driving.

Yeah, there was a short message in incoming box, from the class leader. I open it impatiently.

Ohayo Gozaimasu
Friends, Biopsychology class is canceled for today because the lecturer was not feeling well.
Please help in spreading.

Mrs. Lecturer, I’m not feeling well too after reading this!

Now what am I going to do?
Where am I supposed to go?
Feeling like eating tamarind tree.

May 15, 2013