Monday, December 8, 2014

To Finish A Yuck Meal

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I only have two choices: to eat or stay starving.
Both are very inconvenient to do.

That's my own cooking
But again...
I should not waste food, right?

I sighed, hard. 
Looking at the rice in the plate after the first taste already made my heart sunk. I should eat this? My heart screamed. I averted my eyes, didn't want to stare at my own poor masterpiece any longer.
God, is my cooking skill really that bad? I was about to burst in tears. As long as I remember, my last cooking (which was last Saturday) wasn't this... yuck.

Collecting all the courage I have. I set up a plan.
I tried to hypnotize myself and pretending to be a hungry monster with numb tongue. In other words, eating in fast manner whilst blocking my brain to not register any taste my tongue receive at the time. 

In the first attempt, my defense wasn't strong enough. I ended up tasting that inconsiderable spicy rice that made my stomach growling in protest. I almost chocked and throw it up again. But no, there's no turning back, Food. I am persistent

Thinking what else could I do to swallow the innocent food without torturing myself, and the insight came. I heard somewhere that if you lost your sense of smell, then as well the food won't be tasty on your tongue anymore. I tried on my luck once again, eating while holding my breath. 
It was successful!

So then, with that, I keep on shoving another spoon after another until the plate was half empty. Too bad I didn't finish it all because my stomach didn't seem to bless my act and refused to cooperate. As soon as I feel a little bit full. I lost my appetite. As if I have in the first place.

But at least I'm not starving anymore. I just hope that my stomach won't get upset and fire up a war against me. Hopefully...

Darussalam, Dec 8, 2014
9.57 pm