Sunday, October 12, 2014

International Moment of Frustration Scream Day

The earth is growing old, and the people in it is going crazier. The world is in big chaos.

Natural disaster happen everywhere. Volcanoes are partying with high spirit, typhoon and storm are running in the horizon, the sky who is a shy type and has no friend to play with, keep weeping here and there causing high flood and landslide.

People as well don't want to just sit, they grab their guns and play with the bullets, wasting it to shot clueless people, declaring a war to invite some bored army into battlefield.


Students live studying to death, worker sacrifice their rest to earn more for their family, housewife taking care of everything in their household, army with their allies fighting the rebels, scientists focusing on their research and celebrities appear on tv nonstop.
There still more, many more professions... many kind of busyness that keep people preoccupied everyday.
Everyone is busy with their life and routine.

I don't know why did I write those paragraph above. I have no purpose.
Ever since the first line, I just wanna scream;

"This really is my day!"

I just can't comprehend a moment like this celebrate internationally. Maybe the one who initiated this was so frustrated himself?
Whatever, I am glad to find out that people could let out their frustration together. 

Imagine that half of population on earth feeling the same thing with me now and gathering in one place to scream out loud, I want to join them!
I  hate noise, but sometimes a moment like that is needed to clear my messy mind and heart.

If only I am not laying weak like now, I could have driven somewhere silent and screaming my heart out. So because I can't go out and shout out loud, I write.

Indrapuri, Oct 12th, 2014