Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ramadan Story : Day 2 - Things Are Getting Hard

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I woke up with stomachache.

I opened my eyes lazily and rubbed my flat stomach to ease the pain. I didn't eat much, so why?
The light was on and I scanned the room finding the suspect to lit up the lamp. There I found my little sister was changing into outdoor shirt. She was preparing to go to the cram school with the elder sister.

Since I didn't have any business to do this morning, I planned to continue sleeping. It's always be my way to avoid the pain. When I sleep, I forget everything and of course I couldn't feel any pain. Staying awake and hissing just wasting energy, I prefer to sleep above all.

I asked my sister to hand me eucalyptus oil and I wipe them on my skin. I fell asleep again after sometime.

When the sky already bright, I got up remembering that I had to go to the bank to pay a certain bill. With a slow motion, I dragged myself to go shower and go out.


I woke up with headache.

What is this about???

Apparently, I felt so tired when I got back from the bank and nap again. The sun was so bright today. I could feel the sun ray burning my skin when I was riding motorbike to the bank. The distance was just about 2 km from my home, but with that short journey, I got sunburn :3

I went back to bed after Dhuhur prayer and woke up after in Ashar. No one woken me up that when I jolted from my sleep, it's already 4.30pm. Rubbing my temple and fighting the pain on my head. I climbed down the bed and did prayer.

Just when I finish doing prayer, my mom yelled from the kitchen, "your laundry!"

Aha, I did soak my laundry before I nap, and I almost forgot about that. Yes mom, I'm gonna wash them now!

Spending almost an hour doing my laundry, at least I finish them and got a spare time to write. It's quite shameful to admit that I didn't help my mom in preparing meal for today's iftar. But what to do? Everything was done when I was struggling with the laundry. Having four daughters at home is a big help after all. hehe :D

So then I repeated yesterday's scene. Grab my laptop and sit at the back door frame. I like this spot very much, the scenery is only plants and ground, but I love them and it feels cool to stare at them.

This is what I earn today, a short poem for my friend: Puisi Untuk Lani - Sebelum Senja.

We reached iftar time when I finish posting my poem on facebook. I grab my drink and end my fasting today.

Nah, I got to capture the menu. So here it is...

grated cucumber with raspberry syrup + instant noodle.

An extremely simple iftar menu :)

Also the must present food during iftar; date fruits

date fruits
Here we have two more menus from my mom and eldest sister.

 The cake above is from my mom. It's my father's favorite. 
Do you them? Well, I think only Acehnese know this cuisine. 
If I were to say it, I would call them ancient cake. Why? Because only some people know this dish despite it has been exist since long time ago. I remember seeing my late grandmother bake this simple cake. That's why my father love them so much. It's his childhood snack.

The second is my sister deep fries eggplant. This person seems to love that purple veggie so much.
Here is her cooking;

Despite its appearance was so unappetizing, the taste was incredible! 
I don't always eat eggplant, to say it right, I hate them. But when it's my sister made, I found myself eating them.

Last, we have this sour fruit; pineapple.  

There still Evening part, Tarawih. But I'm getting sleepy, as I come back from Masjid at 10.30pm

See you, again!

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