Sunday, November 10, 2013

Who Are You?

We never know what fate could bring us. Where we may go, who we could meet, what may happen in near time or far future.

I was at the wedding party this afternoon, waiting for my grandpa who still attending the "hand-over ceremony" between the bridegroom family. We was about to leave that time, but that traditional procession not seem to end soon.

I sat near the main gate, together with my grandma and aunt. She was waiting for her husband--my uncle, ready to come back too.

As I felt boring with the noises and crowded around me, I averted my gaze to the surrounding hoping to capture something worth to see. But there was just people, people, people and people.

I change my intention of just sightseeing to find my uncle instead. Who knows if I could capture his figure in that sea of people. I'm great if I could do that, right?
*getting narcissistic again!

So then, I continue on observing, peeking here and there, looking to everywhere. That's when my gaze accidentally fell on that someone...

I hurriedly turn back, keeping my face away from his sight. Carefully hiding myself between my aunt and grandma so that he couldn't see me. My brain began to process the information my eyes had just received. The eyes... I felt familiar with it; black orbs and calming gaze. I felt like I ever saw it before.

Alright, maybe the one whom I saw wasn't him. But...

The eyes, the face...

Did we ever meet?
Did I know you?
or... do you know me?

Oh, I'm getting curious!

But, no matter how much I want to confirm my curiosity, I don't hope to see him again. Because by just that short glance, he already bothering me this much.

It's proven that crowded place is where syaithan gathered. I understand why we're taught to lower our sight, not exploring the surrounding with eyes that much, because syaithan could drag us into sin just by one glance.


PS :
Now after some hours of pressing my brain, thinking hard to find out his identity, I think I got a hint already.
I know him.