Wednesday, November 20, 2013



Don't come closer!
You may hurt your ear.

Yes, I really want to scream right now. But there's no way I'd do that. I never ever scream that loud all my life! and I can't imagine if I'd really do that.

What the...?

Oh, I don't really know what happen to me.
Yes, I'm here to spam this blog of  me again today.
Is it about assignment? or I just having distress for no exact reason.

Maybe there's a reason; like I'm thinking too much about untouched tasks in my computer.
Yes, there's many of it. and instead of finishing it I only thinking about how I'd do that.
Well, I know my laziness always win over me. That's why I'm being problematic.
But hey~ there's also a reason for it. I'm type of people who work better in destitute condition. I'm one those people who have "The Power of Kepepet"

But still, this tensing brain brought so much negative effect on my body. It has been two week since I could sleep well. I get nightmare every night. Instead of feeling new and fresh in the morning, I get up feeling like wanting to curse something. 
Taking nap in my free time also don't help that much, those dreams with bad theme also coming, sending me the creeps, like I was haunting by something that I'm sure I don't want to know.

And also I lost my appetite, everything is tasteless in my tongue. That's the worst because it could ruin my gaining weight program.

Another bad news, my mood to write story also goes lower. Good thing the passion of reading still there. If it gone as well, it's mean I already turn into someone else.
Writing and reading is my core after all.

Seriously, what is happening to me?