Monday, October 21, 2013

The Cookies

First complain; I should have post this days ago!)

For muslims in Indonesia, they must have been familiar with the cookies that I would mention below this. It was the tradition to bake some cookies before Eid comes that would be served to the guesses who come to visit in the Eid days.

Nah, this is the list of cookies we baked this Eid~

1. Chocolate Cookie

  This one is my favorite!

  Well, you know, I love chocolate very much. So whatever which relate to chocolate, I would love love.
 Much more, if it's food :D

 The ingredients was quite simple, not much different from other cookies, it just, we need to add larger amount of chocolate powder in the dough, and less sugar. So it would have bitter-sweet taste.
Find more under the cut...

2. Nastar

"Nastar kok pake keju?"
Remember that line?
Yep, I quoted it from one of popular cheese ads in Indonesia.
From that we can conclude that Nastar is a national cookie already.

Because everyone know this cookie, right?
I could find this certain cookie in every house that I visit when we do Eid stroll.

But we don't add cheese as the topping. Just a simple old fashion Nastar. The taste was brilliant still...

And look at the shape! it was messy XD

3. Marke


I don't really know the exact name of this one. But my mom said it was Marke, so I put it as the title. If you know the original name, please correct me, plus mention its history please :p

Nothing much to say about this snack, I don't really like it, so yeah... you will know by yourself if you ever taste it.

There's this only thing that I want to confirm; when we look closely, do you notice something?

It has shape like caterpillars!

It somehow scare me...

Can you imagine putting a caterpillar in your mouth? Making it touch your tongue?


4. Cassava Chips

This snack is so simple but I like it the most!

We tried to make it once but failed, so we just bought it since then.

5. Onion Chips

Nah, this also has unique taste.

Can you imagine munching onion like it was the most delicious food ever? But you can do it when the onion already into this chips! And the taste is extremely good!

Among other kinds of chips, I still prefer this one. The spicier the taste, the more I love it.

There still some more though, but I don't feel like uploading it since it was just some kind of nuts, not special for me :p