Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Shadow part 3


Title                       : The Shadow
Pairing                   : Ryosuke x Chinen
Cast                       : - Yamada Ryosuke as Yamada Ryosuke
-    Chinen Yuri as Chinen Yuri
                                  Yamada Family;
-      Otousan
-      Kaachan
-      Chihiro as elder sister
-      Misaki as little sister
-  JUMP members as their self.

Genre                   : Dark, Family, Friendship.
Rating                   : General
Length                  : 4 chapters.
Language              : English
Author                  : Ai_chan
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- Ichiban               : Yamada Ryosuke
- Reason join this project: Because I love writing and I want to try writing fanfiction.

Disclaimer           : The story is mine but not the casts.

Summary             : Ryosuke felt the last few days someone followed him. Several times he caught a girl standing under a street light in front of his house. But then Chinen become the one who got a terror and the members asked him to stay a while in his home. The mysterious girl still appeared many times.

A/N                        : This is my first time writing fanfiction. Sorry if there are a lot of grammatical      errors and the story were not good.

“Yama-chan, I got another terror!”
Chinen reported when Ryosuke finished his shower. He showed his cell phone to Ryosuke. A text sent by anonymous.
You are more and more close to your main duty. Make sure that you do as I said. If not, then I’ll end it worst.
Ryosuke shuddered. What is the stalker apparently wants from Chinen? They make it looked scary, but until the fifth day since the station tragedy, they never gave him a clue.
“Just ignore it. They’re boasting without daring to act.” Ryosuke said emphatically. He was fed up with that stalker who only dares playing in the back.
“But she keeps saying that I have to do as she said. That’s always the same from the first time. I’m afraid to think that a disaster is waiting for us.”
“Take it easy, Chii. Nothing will happen to us.” Ryosuke be optimistic as usual.
In fact he was trying to calm himself so not too concern about the anonymous letter that he got this afternoon.
Who is that girl?
Ryosuke saw a girl standing under the streetlight in front his house. It was the umpteenth time he caught that mysterious girl were standing there late at night. But he couldn’t see her face because she wore a straw hat.
Is she has something to do with those anonymous letters?
“Yama-chan, what are you looking at?” Chinen sounded from the bed. He had changed into pajamas and prepared to sleep soon.
“Nothing. Just stare at the night sky.” Ryosuke lied. He didn’t want to burden Chinen with his problem. That boy was distressed with his stalker issue.
“Ja, I’ll sleep then. Oyasumi, Yama-chan.” Chinen closed his eyes.
“Oyasumi…” Ryosuke replied as he turned his head toward the window.
The girl had already gone.
“Takaki, can you take Chinen home tonight?” Ryosuke asked Takaki to replace his job guarding Chinen.
“I’m really sorry, Yamada. But I have something to do. I’ll come home late or stay at my friend house.” Takaki refused the request.
Ryosuke puffed out his cheeks. A bit annoyed to the members. Takaki is the fourth person he asked but no one of them were willing to help.
Ryosuke asked other member to do that not because he was burdened when Chinen with him, but because sometimes Chinen willing to do acrobatic movement. Last night he was really energetic and did back flip in the room. He was really noisy that Ryosuke couldn’t sleep.
Tomorrow his schedule is also tight. Ryosuke need to rest peacefully tonight to gather enough power to do his activity.
He came to Hikaru. That fellow may agree to help him.
“Gomenne Yama-chan. I can’t help you. I have to leave now. Ittekimasu!” He didn’t even hear the whole sentence.
“Why am I the only one to take you home?” Ryosuke grumbled while entering the train. Chinen trailed after him.
He sure really tired these day. Having a tight schedule after his solo debut and now the members gave him another task to take Chinen home for a week.
Chinen didn’t say a word. He looked gloomy recently. He’s not like the real Chinen who always make a noise and do silly things like Hikaru does. Maybe cause the ‘crazy’ fans who stalk him. Chinen become really worry and lost his passion.
“Yama-chan, are you angry?” Chinen asked suddenly. Ryosuke continued walking, searching for a space.
“Betsuni,” He replied, “I just think that the member didn’t want to take responsibility to protect you too. Isn’t there Yabu-kun the eldest among us?”
The train started moving. Chinen and Ryosuke took a seat near the door. Both of them stayed quite for awhile.
“Ne, Yama-chan. I know you’re annoyed to the members. But, are you really okay to take me home? If it’s not, then I won’t come along with you either.” Chinen asked again. His face looked serious.
Is he thinking I do mind to do this? Ryosuke looked toward him curiously. “Well, it’s not like I don’t want to protect you, Chii. I just can’t look for you all day long. I have my own activity.” Ryosuke took a deep breath. He may hurt Chinen’s feeling by saying those words. But that’s just what he felt.
“Wakatta.” Chinen nodded, “I’ll go home by myself tomorrow.”
Ryosuke felt guilty to hear that.
“Chii, are you serious wanted to come home?”
Ryosuke followed Chinen who walked hurriedly. They just arrived at the station, that boy must be sulked because he said something bad just now.
“Hai, Yama-chan. I don’t want to trouble you more than I’ve done.” Chinen replied without turning his head. Ryosuke felt more and more guilty.
“I didn’t mean things that way, Chii…” Ryosuke tried to convince Chinen, he sure didn’t mean to let Chinen go home by his self. That’s dangerous.
Chinen stop suddenly, Ryosuke thought that he was going to talked to him and said that he wasn’t angry. But Ryosuke saw an expression of fear at his face when Chinen turned his body toward him.
“Yama-chan, that girl may stalking me too.” Chinen pointed at wall in front them. “She’s been following us since the first day I stayed at your house.” Ryosuke could see a shadow of a girl behind the wall. He came closer to take a peek.
“Chii, that girl isn’t stalking you. She’s my stalker. I saw her standing in front my window everyday along this week.” Ryosuke said cheerfully.
“Why are you proud of that? I was scared to death when I know there’s someone stalking me.” Chinen stared at Ryosuke confusedly. He didn’t understand the way Ryosuke thinks.
Ryosuke didn’t give him answer. He grabbed Chinen’s arm and start walking again. He didn’t want to let anyone know that somehow he felt jealous when knowing Chinen have a stalker. Aren’t I more popular? Isn’t that me who should be the one to stalk? He behaves like a kid and childish, why is someone stalking him? What things are interesting about him? Ryosuke couldn’t stop asking himself.
At this rate, he may be narcissistic. But he just couldn’t stand this. That why somehow he was relieved when he found out that a girl is stalking him.
“Yama-chan, just have someone to pick us. I’m afraid.” Chinen stopped his step meters from that girl whereabouts.
“She’s just a girl. She can’t do anything to us. Moreover, we’re in crowded right now.” Ryosuke pulled Chinen again. They have to arrived home early and take a rest. They have schedule early in the morning tomorrow.
Chinen obeyed to Ryosuke, he walked beside him. When they passed the wall, that girl already disappeared.
“Look, she is no longer here.” Ryosuke smiled at Chinen, felt himself as the greatest hero.

to be continued...