Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Shadow Part 4 (Final)

Title                       : The Shadow
Pairing                  : Ryosuke x Chinen
Cast                       : - Yamada Ryosuke as Yamada Ryosuke
   -  Chinen Yuri as Chinen Yuri
                              Yamada Family;
      -      Otousan
      -      Kaachan
      -      Chihiro as elder sister
      -      Misaki as little sister
   -  JUMP members as their self.

Genre                   : Dark, Family, Friendship.
Rating                   : General
Length                  : 4 chapters.
Language              : English
Author                  : Ai_chan
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- Ichiban               : Yamada Ryosuke
- Reason join this project: Because I love writing and I want to try writing fanfiction.

Disclaimer           : The story is mine but not the casts.

Summary             : Ryosuke felt the last few days someone followed him. Several times he caught a girl standing under a street light in front of his house. But then Chinen become the one who got a terror and the members asked him to stay a while in his home. The mysterious girl still appeared many times.

A/N                        : This is my first time writing fanfiction. Sorry if there are a lot of grammatical      errors and the story were not good.

Misaki welcomed them on the gate. She guided them to the back yard. Ryosuke and Chinen followed without asking.
“There’s a suspect! Otousan saw a foreigner standing in our garden this evening!” Misaki immediately said that when they arrived. The atmosphere felt a bit cold.
So, the girl that I saw these passed night was the culprit?
They entered the house by the kitchen door. Head to the table where everyone gathered, ready to have dinner. That was a bit fast. Usually they ate dinner on 07.15 pm, but it was 07.00 pm at the moment.
“Please take your seat.” Otousan said in hurry. Why everyone looked so hasty?
“Itadakimasu!” Everyone yelled together when the boys found their chair. They ate without saying a word.
A suspicious sound came out from the living room. Following by noisy of people talked. Everyone turn their head and glanced at each other with strained look on the face.
“Ryosuke and Chinen-kun, go to your room immediately after you finish the dish.” Otousan gave the command of the two boys who were spooning rice into their mouth.
Both nodded silently, trying to finish eating as soon as possible. The others had finished and cleared tableware respectively. This particular night, they do not need to do the same. Immediately after finishing eating, they are asked to enter the room.
Ryosuke felt a bit strange to be treated like this. He felt his family was trying to cover something up. Instead, Chinen considered it as an extraordinary attention.
This evening Otousan’s text him. Told him to go home early. He said there was something suspicious in their neighborhood. Ryosuke refused at first, but then the manager told that the whole agenda that night was canceled.
“Yama-chan, oyasumi.” Chinen was already preparing to sleep.
He remembered that he also had to rest early. Ryosuke changed the shirt with pajama and took position beside Chinen.
Ryosuke took his phone and read a new received text message. It was from Anonymous.
Your time is close
He tried not to concern about it and closed his eyes.
Ryosuke opened his eyes lazily. He looked at alarm clock on his desk. 11.50 pm. Why is Chinen waking him up at this clock? He felt really sleepy. He just fell asleep about two hours.
“Doushite, Chinen? It’s midnight. We must rest.” Ryosuke closed his eyes again.
Chinen growled and pulled the blanket as he shouted, “How can you sleep at time like this? We’re in danger!”
“What are you talking about? We’re safe here.” Ryosuke didn’t move his body. He took back the blanket and wrapped his body.
“Yama-chan, please listen to me.” Chinen became really emotional that he started crying. Ryosuke couldn’t help but get off from the bed.
“Ne, Chinen. What is bothering you?” Ryosuke tapped Chinen on the shoulder.
“Yama-chan, I can’t stand this anymore.” Chinen cried louder.
“Please tell me,” Ryosuke yawned several times as he tried to persuade Chinen to ease his tears.
“That voice… the letter…” Chinen wiped his eyes and grabbed Ryosuke’s arm. Without intimation he pulled Ryosuke out of the room and down the stairs.
“Chii, where are we going?” Sleepy Ryosuke couldn’t control his pace, he bumped the door once and almost slipped when they down the stairs.
They stopped in the family room. There were very dark. Of course, everyone in the house was asleep. It was midnight already.
“Yama-chan…” Chinen turned his body toward Ryosuke. He stepped closer so that he could reach his shoulder. “That letter, the voice, the stalker, wants me to do this to you…”
“Nani Chinen? Don’t scare me like that!” Ryosuke felt his body shiver. He sure didn’t like this thing. Why they have to go downstairs at this time? If Chinen had to say something, why didn’t he say it in the room?
“They want me to say…” Chinen backed up a few steps, approached the table and took something from it.
Ryosuke was misgiving. It’s not a sharp weapon, right?
“I’m really sorry for all troubles I gave you this week. Now I’ll end it. I just have to say this, Yama-chan…” Chinen jump to hugged Ryosuke.
“Otanjoubi ometedou…!!!” Chinen yelled loudly in Ryosuke’s ear.
Along with that, the lights suddenly lit so that the room became bright. Ryosuke could see that the family room had been turned into a party room. The decoration looked so cute. With the strawberries were hang everywhere. There’s also a super big Koala doll in the corner. It’s too big that Ryosuke sure he can use it as a mattress.
From the north side, his family and JUMP members entered the room as they sang happy birthday song.
Umareta koto Oh~
Deaeta koto Oh~
Ima soba ni ireru koto arigatou
Ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi
Eh? There’s NEWS too? Ryosuke shocked when he found out that the real singers of the song also present that night. Oh, not only NEWS. KAT-TUN, Arashi, Kanjani8, Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone and the juniors were there. Even Ryutaro came too!
Ryosuke somewhat felt a little embarrassed. Looking at his performance, still wore a blue pajamas. He had no idea that he would get this surprise party from his family and the members. He even forgot that today is his birthday.
“Minna… arigatou gozaimasu!” Ryosuke bowed at everyone. He was sure really happy tonight. Knowing that everyone gathered at his house to celebrated his birthday in the middle of the night. Having everyone around him did such a thing for him, although it was annoying at the first time.
“Omedetou Ryosuke… you have become an adult since tonight.” Kaachan greet him as she brought the cake. Otouchan helped to lit the candle.
“Blow out the candles…” cheers sounded from the audience. It was like a kindergarten birthday party, so crowded and noisy.
Ryosuke blew the candle, cutting the cake and feeding his family and the members. After that he chatted with everyone there. Expressed his gratitude for the surprise party, he laughed so much as if he forgot that was midnight.
The party ended at 01.00 am. Everyone went home except the members. They asked to stay at Ryosuke house. His parents agreed to it.
So they took the futon and lined it up like a rows in the family room. All the 10 futon had been occupied by each member. Ryosuke in the middle, Daiki and Chinen were beside him.
“Ne, minna. So all things that happened this week were a game?” Ryosuke couldn’t stop himself to ask. He was really curious about how the members tricked him.
“Look like that, ne…” Hikaru’s respond sounded annoying. Ryosuke wants a serious answer right now.
“That’s mean the stalkers are never existed?” Ryosuke somewhat disappointed. He was a bit happy knowing a beautiful girl was stalking him. Now he found out that just a part of games.
“That’s true. So you don’t need to worry. We apologize for making you feel uneasy this past week.” Yabu sounded from the corner. He was in the edge with Ryutaro.
“If you want to know, Yama-chan, the girl who was standing in front your house is my college friend.” Keito said although no one asked. But Ryosuke was happy Keito told that.
“But don’t be so happy Yamachan,” Keito didn’t finished his words yet, “that girl has no interest in you.”
“What are you talking about?” Ryosuke felt insulted by Keito’s remark. While other member started to laughed secretly. There must be something! Ryosuke thought.
“This evening when she finished her part, I asked her opinion about you, and she said this…”
“Said what?” Ryosuke became really impatient.
“Well, he will turn 20, ne? But he looks like a junior high student. He is childish, so he not really my type.” Keito imitated the way a girl talk. All members laughed so loud. Ryosuke wrapped his blanket, felt really embarrassed to himself.
“Yama-chan, don’t you want to know in what part other member worked?” Takaki also participated in that “abake” moment. Ryosuke thought he was asleep.
“I know that Hikaru-kun, Yabu-kun and Inoo-kun were decorated the room.” Ryosuke replied in confident.
“How do you know that?” Inoo was the one who asked.
“When Chinen and I had dinner with my family, I heard a noise from the family room. I heard the faint sound of people talking and I notice that was Yabu-kun’s. But Otousan prevented me to check and he asked me to go upstairs.” Ryosuke presented his analysis, “Well, where there was Yabu-kun, there must be Inoo-kun and Hikaru-kun.”
“Yabu, we’ve been found out.” Inoo made a report.
“That was because you sneezed, baka!” Yabu blamed Inoo.
“Don’t call me baka you freshman, I’m the one who designed the decoration!” Inoo couldn’t stand being told stupid by Yabu.
“Yamete kudasai!” Yuto who didn’t say a word from the first shouted. The room became silence. “I want to sleep, please be quite.”
“Heh? Don’t sleep too early. We didn’t finish our story yet!” Chinen talked. He couldn’t let anyone sleep before his role being revealed too.
“Yuto, please don’t be so selfish since you’re part wasn’t really important!” Daiki participate too.
“You didn’t change a bit guys, always arguing unimportant things.” Ryutaro who like to act adult-like spoke.
Everybody keep silent, letting the youngest boy talked. Since they were never had a chance to hear him talking for a long time. They really missed their little brother.
“Yama-chan, although you didn’t ask, I’ll finish this story by myself. Waiting them to tell their own role is a waste. They could talk till the morning comes without finishing the story.” Ryutaro started his speak.
“Hai, Ryu-chan, I’ll listen to it.” Ryosuke hope Ryu finished it soon, he felt sleepy in sudden.
“I’m the one who wrote that all anonymous letters. Because you didn’t see me for a long time the members sure you won’t recognize my handwriting. That was a big success!” Ryutaro got excited. “I also helped Yuto-kun and Dai-chan baking the cake, but the one who decorate it was Hikaru-kun.”
Ryutaro took a break. The room still silence.
“About the uchiwa that you found in dressing room, I had Shintaro to drop it. By the way, that was your sister’s. I borrowed it from her because I couldn’t find mine.”
Break again.
“Ah, ya. Did you know why we made an issue that Chinen was being stalked? That because we wanted him to stayed at your place and monitoring you, so you won’t suspect our preparation. But to made u agree with that we should have a reason. Came with my experience we decide to have the same issue, so you won’t suspect us. We’re glad that Chinen-kun is a good actor”
Ryutaro felt the atmosphere became weird. He seemed to hear the snoring sound. Ryutaro stop talking and sharpened his hearing.
“Minna, are you listening?”
Ryutaro found that everyone had fallen asleep.


Writer Desire: Being an adult  mean you have to understand other people more. Facing the world straightly.