Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunset in Ulee Lheue

Finally, I got to see this!
Yeah, I do love sunset.
Once on my life I aim to capture this landscape at beach, and yesterday… I got that chance!
I was really happy :D

well, it was not my first time though. I came there too about 3 weeks ago. There was no planned, it just happened. On Friday afternoon after Philosophy class, one of my friends caught me in parking area and asked suddenly.

“Aira, are you in hurry?”

“Not really, but I want to come home this evening. Why?” I replied properly.

I live separately with my parents because the distant between my house and college is up to 25 km. I moved to the town, rent a house and live there with my friends (share house :D). I’d go home once a week on weekend.

“Could you just go home tomorrow?” She asked again.

“Why?” I hope she tell the reason quickly.

“Let’s go to Ulee Lheu.” At last she told it.

I thought for awhile. Considering that I’d join them or not. Well, it’s been a long time since I come to that place, thus I decided to come along with them.

So we rode there by two motorbikes. I was with Ulfa and Lani rode Echa on her motorbike. We stopped at my place to do ashar prayer and continued the travel to the main destination. Because it was Friday, the place wasn’t in crowd like usual. We took a seat near the beach and order the foods.
from left: Ulfa, Aira, Echa.

Lani & Echa
But that time we didn’t stay long because we didn’t prepare for that. We back before the sunset down. Didn’t ever expect that I’d come back there again that time. I’m sure glad when Ulfa invited me to come again. I straightly texted my roommate, said; let’s go to see the sunset!
She agreed to that. Yokatta… Now I have more friends to come with.

We head to Ulee Lheu after Ashar prayer, around 4.30 pm. The journey wasn’t long, that we end up arrived there too early. The sun wasn’t down yet. It was shone brightly.

Okay, waiting is boring, right?

So we did like the previous time. Down to the beach to searched for a seat near the water. We chose the different spot from the last time and also order the different menu. That day seat was really special, only two meters away from the water. Lucky that was a child pound arena, so there were no big waves so we could sit there without worrying that a wave would roll us up XD

Also the panorama was really clear. Water in the pound reflected the sunlight, harmony with the color of the sky. Subhanallah…
I couldn’t stop to praise my Lord when I look at the view. It was really beautiful. I don’t want to lose that moment, so I took many photos of it.

But the camera didn’t really good so that influenced the photo quality. I’m sorry because the picture that I post here didn’t capture the real view. I don’t know but when I compare the panorama in front my eyes and the picture that I just took with my camera, it’s really different.

Praising Allah again… because He gave me a good quality eyes, not like that camera lenses.
While biting the roasted corn, we watched the families that come there together. I hope I’d comeback there again with my whole family. With my parents and sibling, capture the sunset together. However, that dream seemed so far away.

There are two boys were swimming in front us. According to Ficka’s opinion, we bet that two were twin. They looked so similar with each other, the face and body just like a copy of another one. They are really cute, we spent time waiting for the sunset by watching those two playing in the water. 
Aida, Ficka, Ulfa.

Despite the beach really crowded on Sunday, but no many kids were swim that afternoon. There more couple than family that we desperately looking for
space without couple present. Glad that we found that spot which look like “family and kids corner”. It’s just a bit more to the harbor gate. I have decided it as my favorite spot, I bet I would sit there again next time.

Ulee Lheu located in the edge of Sumatra Island. The position of the beach that located in the west make the sunset can be seen clearly from this spot.

Without realizing, the sun had already fallen. The color of sky had slowly changed into orange. We know that we didn’t have much time before Magrib prayer. So we grabbed the camera, get off from the seat and came to the water. What we did were took the photos in may poses.  

I never expect I would capture this moment. I was really excited and I asked Ulfa to do many narcissistic poses. Pretending to be a couple, grabbed the sun, starring at sky with sadness and more. We didn’t care to the people around us who laughed when watching our “sunset drama”. I picked a grass flower which look like dandelion and start to pose confidently.

Well, not only us two. I asked Aida and Ficka to join too. But because we didn’t dare to asked people to take picture of us, there was no photo which is four of us there.

Oh... no! We have to come back soon, the sun almost gone. Magrib prayer time would come in minutes. Turn off the camera, grab the bag, pay the foods, and lastly, rode the motorcycle head to Masjid Raya Baiturrahman.
Alhamdulillah... Safe!

Okay, only this that I can share. Sorry because there’s no information about the Ulee Lheu itself, I just spread my own experience here. Sorry again if this writing didn’t give you a single information.