Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Promise

I was lost. I was mad. I was sad.
No, it’s not because of all the questions or judgement people threw at me. True that sometimes those words did hurt me. Of course I was feeling down when some people questioned about my college life—at the same time judging my progress in thesis. But this time, it wasn’t about other people. It was because I couldn’t keep a promise to myself. A promise I made on my own, to myself, which I betrayed it—I couldn’t make it come true.

All that I wanted to do was crying my eyes out, sulking in the corner and regretting the past events. One mistake that cause another, who knew it would harbor to this?

Jul 15th, 2017. The day my heart broke.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I've Returned Home!

What should I be writing now? So many things in my head, so many stories untold… and so many works to be done...
It’s just Wednesday and I’m already sighing as if it’s Thursday afternoon right now.  Long time since my last post yet I made my comeback with a complaint. Can’t help it, it just who I am…

Oh well, since this blog has no real audience—since nobody left a comment—I might as well write whatever I want here. This is my second home anyway.  I’ve decided I’m gonna resume my spamming habit in here again!
See you soon ghost readers XD
~ Aira