Saturday, August 15, 2015

10 Years of Peace

10 years ago
In a country far away
Two hands shook

10 years ago
The sacred paper was signed
Raising back hope in people eyes

10 years ago
People gather in a mass prayer
Begging God to bless our land with peace

10 years ago
Both party finally put down their guns
Agreeing on a mutual mission
Knitting back the torn peace

To stop war on this land
To stop tainting our soil with blood
…and our river with corpse
To stop suspecting people blindly
To stop planting grenade in the ground
To stop intruding villages
To stop scaring the children
To stop kidnapping random men
…and left their bodies somewhere
To stop killing the innocent
To stop this nightmare we’ve been living in for decades

10 years from then
Men can finally go to masjid without fear
Men can finally go to mountain to work on their farm
Men can finally go out at night relaxing with their friends
Exchanging stories of the day

10 years from then
Women no longer have to wait for their husbands in wonder
No need to lie to the gunman in uniform when their husbands were home
No need to hide their precious sons in a relative place next town
10 years since then
Children can finally go to school with joy
Riding bike or walking on foot without being scare when the soldiers pass by
Student can finally study in comfort
Teacher no longer have to abruptly end the class because a sudden gunshot

10 years since then
Little kids is now playing in the playground with their peer
Running over here and there
Hide and seek in every corner
All go home safe

10 years since then
We are no longer hearing footstep behind our door
We are no longer wake up in the middle of the night
...startled by a boom blast
We are no longer have to lost our home and school to fire
We are no longer receiving a death threat when we refuse to hand our money to a gunman visitor

10 years since that day
The fear has been lifted from our land
The trauma has been healed
And the new lives born with sparks of hope

10 years ago
The peace was sent down
10 years ever since that day
We keep praying this peace will stay forever

Grand Nanggroe Hotel
August 15, 2015
10th year commemoration of MoU Helsinki

~ Aira