Monday, June 9, 2014

Student's Diary: The First Day of Final Exam

Is this for sure?

I could just blink and checked the paper again and again. Thinking that I might lost some pages. But no, as I glimpsed throughout class, I assumed that everyone received the exact sheet as me.
But why?

Are you kidding me?

I was somehow annoyed since the question was out of my expectation.

Are you kidding us?

This is final exam! And what I found on my sheet was only three question! You read it right, 3 questions that relate to each of it! You can say that it was only one question, precisely. A question that was expanded with detail.

My dear lecturer, were you serious when you wrote this?

If only I was in comic, I might had flip the chair with my hand and storm out the class to the school ground. Looking up to the sky then shout; "Kami-sama, is this the right world to live in?"

Okay, that's too much. I won't do something like that even if I was a comic character.

Oh right, there's a song which said,
"if you're grumpy, grumpy, grumpy, stomp your feet."
I learned that in class, you know?
But I couldn't do that this morning or I'd be kicked out from class. It was exam, it was exam!
Oh my, I'm getting crazy.

No, I'm not mad. I was grateful at that time, grateful because I didn't study the past night. Because if I did study, I'd be seriously crazy when I face that kind of question. I'd regret the time I used to study instead of writing story, because the question didn't come from the textbook. Yes, I'd be really upset.

But why is everyone still in class? With this question, they should have finished minutes ago.
Don't ask me, I was busy complaining that I haven't done a single question after more than five minutes sitting there. Again, I peek at my friends work. No, I'm not peeking their answer. I just wanted to make sure that they're doing those question, the same question I was holding with the will to eat them up.

The invigilator might had suspect me for acting so weird even since I came in. But who cares? I just want to make sure that I got the right question before I done it and left while the fact that there's still more! I couldn't pawn my future with a stupid mistake during final exam!

One by one, I saw my friends walked out the room. In the end, I was convinced that no question were hidden. Then I start my work. I did it so carefully afraid I might make some mistakes and lose my chance to get A mark. I smiled when as I finished and walked out as my friends did.

Then, outside the class, my friends was also talking about the question. Yes, I admit it. This exam seems to be the first time we weren't serious in exam. And a joke was cracked; "It seems like the lecturer also wasn't serious about the question."

Oh, well, okay. I won't complain anymore. But I hope they won't joke with our score later.

Let's pray for tomorrow's exam!

Good luck :)