Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Feeling of Losing

"What has gone is gone. You won't get it back no matter how hard you beg. So, cherish everything you have before it taken away.

- The Saddest Side of Me

I’m talking about death.

The beginning of November was greeted by sad news, one of my father relatives got into motorcycle accident and passed away. This is once again reminds me that death is hunting us and become nearer day by day. Our time in this world is limit. We could never guess when our life comes to the end.

No matter how much we love someone. He will disappear from our life. Our feeling towards him won’t change anything. We can’t save him from death, no we can’t. Do you realize that death is the only disease without cure? No one could escape from death treat. No scientist know how death itself taking one life.

If you were a good person, many people would come to your funeral, mourn on your end. Prayers come from around the world, wishing for your victory in the next life. Cries and tears sent you to your last home; a grave. 

But if you used to be a bad person, who disturb the tranquility of society, people would be grateful on your death. Who would cry for someone like that? They would be relief instead, your death mean peace for them. They simply hope that it should be sooner than that. Only bunch of your kind would send you to your funeral. Even if there someone else who comes, it may because they respect your family.

Do you want to end like that?

That’s how you will leave this gleaming world. Right after the soil meet your face skin, you know that you won’t be able to see and meet your one love anymore. You are walking in different path since then. You have entered a new world, where you are rewarded for your deeds along your life, a window to your final destination; heaven or hell.

It is so narrow and dark, the grave; your last home. No one accompany you there, even you most lovely person won’t come with you there. She would go back home after your body being buried. Leaving you completely alone.

Are you scares of darkness? Have you ever been in dark place? It’s darker there, and the ground press against your body. Have you felt self-conscious? You’re nothing but a corpse. From there, your body is rotting. Your smooth and healthy skin will be destroyed by nature, blood flowing from each cavities, your flesh will be eaten by soil insect. Are you aware of that? Only insects come to visit you there.

You’re disgusting…

You’re pathetic…

…aren’t you?

If only you did worship and charity when you were alive, then you’re safe, that would be your faithful friends until the end of the world and protect you from something called punishment of the grave.

Then let’s see what happen to them who being left…

People who love you will remain sad for days. Crying on your leaving, thinking about your destiny in there. How you’re doing, will God punish you or not, praying for you. They would feel broken heart, saying that your time with them was so short. They regret that they were not having enough time to spend with you. They are not prepares to left by you…

Then, is there anyone who prepares to be leaving away? They would simply hope to be with their one love forever. Like what old fairytale said; happily ever after. Is there something like that?

Almost no one think about death treat when they were happy. People are not aware that death could take anyone from you; anytime and anywhere without exception.

Some are fast to move on and attempt to accept everything. They realized that death is the ultimate end and they know that they would also face it one day. We are queuing for own turn after all.

But some more staying in broken heart state for long. Crying every day, wasn’t be able to take care of their selves, only thinking about sad thinsg and have no clue how they would face the awaiting future. They look so depressed and helpless.

Feeling sad over someone’s death is normal, but refusing to start a new beginning without that certain someone is too much. He is death and you’re alive, he had reached his end and you’re not yet. That’s why you should continue your life and create a new future plan without him there.

Being sad is okay… but it’s totally wrong to feel overly sad that you can't think of living without him. Don’t cry too much of him, you should realize that you still have another around you who would support you, people you should cherish as they’re were alive. As long they’re still there beside you. You know that they will also gone someday. So cherish them when they’re still there.

Most of people are too preoccupied mourning on their one love death that they forget to cherish and taking care of people around them—who love them. Until death comes again and took another one, that’s when they’re being conscious, that they still have another to love and care to. A very late awareness which end with another regret.

So, let me say this one more time…

"What has gone is gone. You won't get it back no matter how hard you beg.
So, cherish everything you have before it taken away."

Are you currently feeling sad of losing someone? I suggest you to look around. See them, people who cares about you. Love them, cherish them. Before they are taken away.

In the end, people will always leave