Sunday, November 24, 2013

Marriage and Death

My family got so many wedding invitation within this month, and there's still some other for the next month. Every time I come along, I always have my time to think about lots of things after meals.

The party was always glorious. Whether it's the bridegroom and the guest. Everyone plasters a bright smile. They wear their best clothes, blessed the bridegroom with gifts. So does the new happy family gives them a nice souvenir in return.

Observing the crowded around me, I can't help myself to think about this;

Your wedding ceremony was this crowded, will your funeral be the same?

People comes to the party because they're invited. But would they come to your funeral without being invited? Because death is not an occasion where you would spread an invitation for people to see you for the last time.

People who comes to one's funeral are they who love, respect and honor the deceased person or family. Whether we're honorable man or not, it's determined by our attitude and behavior in lifetime.

Not necessarily people who comes to your wedding today will also come to your funeral. They're come by invitation and wish you a happy life. But will they come to the funeral home when they heard about your death and say you a prayer?

We never know...

I never have been married and I'm still alive. So I don't know how that two biggest event in my life would be...