Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Shadow part 1

Title                       : The Shadow
Pairing                   : Ryosuke x Chinen
Cast                       : - Yamada Ryosuke as Yamada Ryosuke
-    Chinen Yuri as Chinen Yuri
                                  Yamada Family;
-      Otousan
-      Kaachan
-      Chihiro as elder sister
-      Misaki as little sister
-  JUMP members as their self.

Genre                   : Dark, Family, Friendship.
Rating                   : General
Length                  : 4 chapters.
Language              : English
Author                  : Ai_chan
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- Ichiban               : Yamada Ryosuke
- Reason join this project: Because I love writing and I want to try writing fanfiction.

Disclaimer           : The story is mine but not the casts.

Summary             : Ryosuke felt the last few days someone followed him. Several times he caught a girl standing under a street light in front of his house. But then Chinen become the one who got a terror and the members asked him to stay a while in his home. The mysterious girl still appeared many times.

A/N                        : This is my first time writing fanfiction. Sorry if there are a lot of grammatical      errors and the story were not good.

“Hayaku Yama-chan!” Daiki shouted at Ryosuke.
They just finished rehearsal for the next episode of Shounen Club. Everyone had already gathered in dressing room. They seemed to have an interesting chatted.
Ryosuke was leaved alone in the dancing room, got an extra dance practice for ‘Mistery Virgin’. Daiki came in sudden and took Ryosuke out. He pulled his arm without compromised and guided him to the dressing room.
“Doushite minna? You didn’t suppose to force me to come here, ne?” Ryosuke murmured.
“Please take a seat, Yamada. We’ll going to have a serious talk.” Yabu didn’t respond Ryosuke’s complain.
“Eh, nani?” He realized that all members were putting horror faces. Ryosuke stopped complaining and sat next to Keito.
“Listen minna. It’s a serious matter. Chinen may drop into the worst situation in these welcoming days. I afraid he will get same accident that was happened to Ryutaro.”
Yabu’s statement changed the atmosphere in the room. Ryosuke glimpsed at everyone, their faces looked wrinkled and pale. Yeah, they all knew what happened to Ryutaro years ago. He was stalked and roped by a fan.
“How can?” The question asked by Takaki represented Ryosuke’s confusion. He didn’t hear anything about it yet.
“When I leaved home this morning, I met a girl at the station, she walked toward me and threw this.”
Chinen’s voice came out. He was hiding behind Inoo at the moment that Ryosuke thought he wasn’t there.
Yuto who sat beside him took the crumpled paper from Chinen. It seemed hard to read that Yuto asked Hikaru to read it for them.
“Chibi-kun, you have to … act as me, not! You have to do as I say from now on” Hikaru blinking his eyes to make sure he spelled correctly. “Whose handwriting is this? He must be a kindergarten student!” Hikaru yelled to the paper and rubbed his eyes to made it clear again.
“Those words mean… someone or may some people are spying on him now?” Takaki confirmed his confusion. Yabu nodded.
“We should report this to Johnny-san! We can’t let something bad happen to the one of us!” Ryosuke shivered.
“But what thing that culprit wants from me? I’m just a kid.” Chinen declared himself.
Everyone nodded. It was a little confusing. As Chinen to be stalked, it’s rather doubtful. He’sVenergetic and never pleased to be alone. What do they want from him? Isn’t it dangerous to stalk someone while him always in the crowded?
“I can’t find the answer. But she maybe a violent one like the one who stalked Ryu. I beg you all to guard him from now on.” Yabu said wisely. On this kind of situation, his leader character showed up perfectly.
“Hai…” Everyone nodded.
“Ryosuke, since his parents aren’t home, you take Chinen home tonight.” Yabu pointed at Ryosuke immediately. Ryosuke was shocked.
“Eh, nande boku ga?” Ryosuke pointed at his nose as he stared at Yabu and Chinen.
“Because he closest to you. Besides your family are also familiar with him. He often stayed at your place, ne?” Yabu confirmed the reason. Ryosuke admitted it.
“Well, Chinen said that his family will be stay at their hometown for a week. Then he will stay at your place during the time.” Yabu continued his words.
“Ne, Yabu-kun. You said we all have to guard him, but why am I the only one to do this?” Ryosuke threw a protest.
“Don’t ask too much. Just do as I say! I’ll give another member anything else to do. We will do some investigation.”
Ryosuke didn’t speak again. Nodding at everything Yabu said.
Ryosuke saw a girl walking across the yard. She walked towards the gate and disappeared. He’s not familiar with that girl. She’s not someone from neighborhood. Is she one of neechan friends? But why she behaves like that? Walking secretly as if afraid someone will catch her.
To make it sure, Ryosuke went downstairs to meet his sister. His family was watching TV in the living room. There’s not a sign that a guess was there.
“Neechan, was your friend come here just now?” Ryosuke asked immediately.
“None.” Chihiro shaked her head without moving her sight from the TV monitor.
“Oh, wakatta.” Ryosuke nodded. “I may just have an illusion.” He talked to himself and intended to go back to his room.
“You came here just to ask that?” Otousan’s word stopped Ryosuke.
“Hai, I thought I saw a girl walked out from the house so I came to ask if you know something about that.” Explained Ryosuke, he never lied to the family.
“A girl went out from our house?” Otousan looked around. “Chihiro and Mika are still here.” He closed his eyes for awhile. Look like he was thinking.
“Chihiro, did you bring that crazy girl home again?” Otousan suddenly accused Chihiro.
“I said I’m not!” Chihiro refused Otousan accusation.
A quarrel couldn’t be avoided. The father and daughter start arguing with high spirit. Usually Ryosuke would like to participate, attacked his father with some logic analysis and made her sister won the arguing. But tonight he didn’t have any interest to do that. He was tired thinking about ‘stalkers’. As he leaved the living room and head to the stair, Otousan called him.
“Ne, Ryosuke, you don’t want to debate me tonight?”
Ryosuke raise both his hand and make a cross sign in the air.
The sun had shone brightly, its light break through the curtain from the window that was opened. Ryosuke fix his blanket again. Today is his day break, he plan to rest more this day.
However, the situation seemed like it’s not blessing him to do so. Just a moment since he entered the dream again, his little sister came to his room in rush.
“Oniichan, look at this!” She shakes Ryosuke’s body that still lied on the bed.
“Nani Mika-chan? I still want to sleep. Just show it to Chinen.” Ryosuke covered his face with the pillow, reject to saw that thing.
“It has nothing to do with him, this letter referred to you!” Mika pulled the pillow from Ryosuke and threw it to the floor. She also took the blanket and shake Ryosuke again.
“Hayaku okinasaiyo!” She demanded again. Ryosuke now awake from his dreams.
“What letter?” Ryosuke asked as he rubbed his eyes. He stretched his arms and yawned.
“I found this when playing with Chinen-kun in the yard.” Mika handed Ryosuke a glass bottle. It’s look like an ordinary bottle. What so important? Thought Ryosuke while observed the bottle in his fist. Ah, there’s a letter inside! His eyes caught a paper with kanji writing in the bottle.
Ryosuke opened the bottle cork quickly. Pulled out the letter and read it.

You sure a great target. Wait for your turn.

What that mean? Is someone invites me to play a game? Ryosuke’s brain didn’t work properly because he was just back from the dream world.
“There are 18 more in the yard. Someone leave it near the main door, below your room.” Mika came to the window and looked outside. Chinen were there smiling at her.
Someone sent me those pirate letters, huh?

to be continued...