Friday, March 20, 2015

High School & Best Friends

If someone asks me whether I miss my high school or not, my answer would be a “no”. No, I don’t miss it at all. Period.
For some people, maybe high school was the happiest moment in their life. Most of my friends said it.
“Ah... I miss my high school”, “I wanna go back to high school” They whined. Once again, it doesn’t apply on me.
I don’t know why, but I don’t enjoy my high school life that much. You can say that I was failed to life my youth to the fullest. But hey, I don’t regret it at all. I don’t feel that I missed something because I didn’t live my high school life like most of teenagers do. I did not belong to average teenagers. You can say that I’m different, weird, bizarre, anything. I don’t mind.

But still, there’s something I miss about high school. My best friends. As you predicted, I didn’t have many friends, and I don’t have many until now. Why? Because I choose my friends. I’m not a person who can easily blend in with people. I feel awkward and uncomfortable most of the time. I just want to be with people whom I can relate with. The people who has at least a little common things with me.
If you think that I’m boring, I won’t retort. Because I’m seriously aware that my brain doesn’t work like the one my peers has. If people at my age like to hang out here and there, I prefer to be home and write. If most of my peers like to talk and laugh out loud, then I’d be sitting in the corner observing them.
Oh no, why am I talking about this? My topic tonight is my reunion with my high school best friends.
On my graduation day, I was extremely sad. As you know that I’m not good at making friends, I was seriously scare to lose them. You know, once we graduate, we’ll walking on different path, heading towards our own future. And my fear almost come true. Almost.
Three years had passed since that day, I can count how many times we meet after that day. I’m busy with my own, so do they have their own business. We forgot to contact each other, forgetting each other birthday, and didn’t know each other whereabouts despite we actually live in the same city, one small city.
I was broken when one night a realization struck on me, knowing how far we have been from each other. We just live kilometers away from each others, our routine is around the same area. How could we never think of a meet up? How could we forget about us so easily? I cried so hard once I realize I almost forgotten how close we were. How could I let a day pass without wondering how you’re doing...
 And the news about her unhealthy condition was like a wake up call for me.
Allah, my Lord, what did I’ve been doing all this time? How come I don’t know my own best friend is not doing fine at the moment? How long has we lost each other? That news was really broke my heart and I cried a lot to repent my sinful heart.
I praised Allah because I got a chance to meet her after that day. I was happy at first, but upon seeing her face was so different that what I remember on our high school days, I can’t help but to feel sad again. She’s my best friend, used to be my motivator, the one who always support me and cheer me up when I feel down, the one who always offer me help even I didn’t ask for it. 

What an ungrateful friend I am! Instead of paying her kindness, I abandoned her. I know I can’t find someone like her so easily like buying a candy in the nearest convenient store. She’s a precious existence that can’t easily be replaced with anyone.
When I saw her again last week, I was surprised. She’s really different than the last time. But this time, I curved a smile, because she’s much better that what I remember. She looks cheerful and healthy, or must I say it chubby? Because that’s exactly how she looks now--and I envy that. Because I want to gain weight but always fail--I am happy. I am super happy to see that. And I am super happy to meet her again.
“How long has we not met?” You asked, “two years?” a number that made me startle and consciously counting the days after our last meeting. Fortunately I had swallowed the food or I’d be choking on your question.
“No, we met last year on your birthday.”
Yes, I remember. Our last meeting was your birthday, but seemed that you didn’t remember. I don’t mind it anyway, because somehow I believe that it’s the best for you. I don’t want you to remember and stuck on those hard times anyway.
You see, from yesterday onward. I want to see your smiling face again. You sometimes appear in my Facebook feeds and disappear just like that. However, I won’t let you hide like that again, no way. I’ll hold on you and try to contact you often. Not too often that would make you fed up and block me though, I assure you that XD
We are, different type of person that fate had chosen to made us a unique combination. A nameless trio that someone had randomly named us “Trio Kwek Kwek” and somehow we stick on that weird name.
Nita and Yenda. I pray to Allah that our friendship would lasts forever. Do you also whisper that to Him in your prayer?

~ Aira