Friday, December 5, 2014

A Letter to Echa


Dear Echa,
I know it’s stupid to write you this letter. I am so embarrass to myself for doing this. But you know, I am not a kind of people who is good at talking. I am one of those people who is an expert at hiding our feeling and putting poker face on.

All I want to say is... I am sorry for being such a bad friend. I know I had troubled you a lot. Also, thank you for taking care of me all this time.


Will you be lonely if I leave know?
(Why does it sounds cheesy now? *slap my hand)
Again, I am sorry for being an insensitive friend for I have been staying in your place for the whole weekday. I have been invading your space and make you less comfortable in your own place.
Sorry again~

But, I will go home today. I hope you’ll be happy.
Will you miss me?
(Such an important question)
I don’t know how do you feel during my stay, but I have a bad feeling that you dislike my existance. Like I said, I was acting so overfamiliar and making myself at home. I used your kitchen without asking first, doing anything I want to without even minding your opinion. I behaved like I was in my own room.

Do you hate me?

For me, you’re an important friend.
It’s quite strange how could we become close in the first place. We’re opposite from each other. Your personality stand across mine. I don’t know if you feel comfortable when I am around. But I don’t feel disturb by you at all.
Weird, right? Considering my nature who likes to be alone.

I recall those days when you were taking care of me. When I got that upset stomach or when I feel so weak I can’t even get up from my bed. You were there, being so caring like a mother.
Thank you for your kindness, everything you have done to me.

Anyway, that was all I want to say.
Now is the time to say goodbye.

I’ll go back to my parents’s house and stay there for weekend.
Don’t miss me~ :D

Till we meet again~

Your friend,