Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thank You for This 19 Years

Allah, I'm grateful for the 19 years you gave me. 

I'm really thankful that you give me a chance to life in this world, blessing me with a loving and understanding parents, nice family and caring best friends. I thank you very much for this long 19 years.

God, I wanna grow up as someone who don't have any regret, and I'm happy with all that I encountered in my life.

Allah, I'm really thank you for this 19 years. 

You always guarding me, guiding me to the right path.
Yes, I'm still a brat. I did many wrong things. But with your love, you always forgive me.
You know my weakness, you witness every drops of my tears. 
You show me that there's always a easiness after the hard time.
You hear my whines, you grant my whises.

Allah, thank you for giving me this life...

and if you still bless me with the chance to life longer... I want to be a better person. I wanna make the rest of my life to be the best of my life. 
If you still let me open my eyes tomorrow, please guide me to become a mature adult.

I still couldn't belief I have life this long. 19 years is not a short time. For everybody who has been watching me ever since the day I born, March 27, 1994. Thank you very much.

For my parents, I really admire them. Even if I disappointed them many times, they still love me so much. Ayah, Mak, I love you so much. I have never even wished to be born into other family. I'm really grateful that I'm your child. You're my number one heroes. Please take care of me like you always do.

For my sisters. We may not look close. But even if I'm not that confidence to say that you always think about me, I know you love me as much as I love you. Yeah, we just not expressive :D
and for the only prince, your annoying behavior is just because you want to gain my attention right?
But you really have to know when to stop, because I'm getting tired of yelling at you! :p

For my friends, who always stay by my side despite my sadistic side and childish act, thank you very much! I hope you still have the strength and patience to stand this personality of mine :D
Arigatou gozaimasu!

Indrapuri, March 26, 2014
10:58 p.m.