Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Birthday List of The Year

umareta koto Oh~
deaeta koto Oh~
ima soba ni ireru koto arigatou
ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi

\\(*o*)//  \\(^0^)//  d(*o*)//  \\(^o^)9 \\(^o*)/7 \\(*O^)b  \\(*3*)//

This is the story about me and my best friends. Just a simple note about our precious moments last year. I wrote this because to cherish our memories together and answer a question of one of them who ever asks;  
"why you never write about us in your blog?"
So, here it is Kak Mei :p

I should have posted this on December, bur for some reasons I forgot it. To make it up to them, I think about posting it early this year, before another round of birthday comes.

\\(*o*)//  \\(^0^)//  d(*o*)//  \\(^o^)9 \\(^o*)/7 \\(*O^)b  \\(*3*)//

1. Aira (March 27)

Do I need to write any thing about this person? I bet you (regular visitor of this blog) already know who is she. Yeah, she always coming here whenever she feels like spamming this blog. Yup, she's no other than the owner of this blog; Me.

I turned 19 right at March 27, 2013 and will soon close my teenager life. I'll become and adult, but what I'm worrying is, will I grow mature?
This childish girl at her late teen is seriously afraid of becoming 20.

Well, maybe I'll write about that later, if I have a chance to life in that age.

btw, you can read about my past birthday in my facebook note; My 19th Birthday. It's written in Indonesian though.

Here some photos of the day... (sorry for the quality)

where the surprise begun
look at the knife!

It was my first time celebrating birthday. I was really happy. Thanks all (^_^)//

2. Mawaddah (April 21)

I haven't ask her permission to mention her complete name here. So if you're curious, go figure it out by yourself :p

She's the oldest among us (I wrote this on purpose kak mawad *wink). Mature but can be childish at the same time. We all know that she has something in her which can turn problems to be easier to handle, *ehem.
Not a spell, not magic. You want to know what is it? A charm! We called it PESONA :D
Yes, "Pesona kak mawad menyebar ke mana-mana" (I have no intention of translating this into English)

You want to know which one is her? Here is the photos of her birthday, I'll give you a hint -- though I know you won't need this. She has round face and bright smile, and holding the cake :D

No, not the girl who's holding the cake in the pic above...

Here's the right person,

Outdoor celebration is the best :)

3. Ficka (April 23)

Complete name? I won't tell you. In this note, I'd just mention their nickname.

She's the youngest among us and the cutest (in height :p). Even so, doesn't mean that her academic rank is lower than us, at least, she's smarter than me and has something that I don't have in me; confidence and courageous.

She's really talkative and funny--sometimes narcissist. You won't dare to mess with her. Err, how would I put this? She's kinda S in choosing words :p

But honestly, she's a good interlocutors. Whether you want to discuss about something serious or just fooling around, she can handle both so you won't fall into a boring conversation. 
What else can I write about her? Ah, I need to go interviewing her for more information.

4. Meisyura (May 14)

Who's she? I don't know either. Most of the time I call her by 'kak' despite actually I'm older than her. She's my best debate partner all this long. I often pick a fight with her because she's surprisingly good at retorting me :D while other would just shrug off and accept defeat, and so she always know how to annoy me, like this evening when I ask for her help, what she did is laughing first before helping. But what annoyed me the most is when she let out this remark "menurut ai ajalah."

That's why I'm kinda lazy to share you information about her. If you want to know her, just ask another member to introduce her. (wait! since when I have that mindset as if we're a group of something?)

Well, maybe we should start thinking about forming a girl band? (and what the hell with this idea?)

what's with the face?

5. Ulfa (July 15)

Nah, maybe this would be the shortest introduction among others. Honestly, I don't know what to write about her. I seriously don't know what information I may write here and won't get scold or protest by her later. She's scary? Maybe. I just don't understand her :p

Okay, let's just put this outer behavior of her. Because I can't decide which side of her I could expose to public, I only tell you about her daily act around others. She's narcissistic. That's an image that she built herself. So Anggun, don't bite me because that side of you that I witness everyday :p

Well, other things that I concluded by being with her in daily, she's a little bit an S in talking and saying her opinion; shooting you straight to the heart. Gladly her bullet never hit my chest, or I just too great in dodging it so I could still breath until today :p

Nah, if you're a crybaby, I advice you to behave well around her. I won't take a responsibility if you cry after her words. I'm not a gentleman who would hand you a tissue and sooth you to stop crying. I'm a crybaby myself :p

Does this 4 paragraph that I said short in 1st sentence above?

6. Dina (July 17)

She's my favorite role model; smart, beauty, delicate and natural kind heart. Sadly, I don't thing I could be like her because I'm lacking a bit too much feminine hormon? :p
And she has something that I envy the most; ideal height! 

Okay, let's not picking this sensitive topic anymore can we? Because it would end with me being called shortie and I don't like it. Seriously. I'm not short, I'm just cute in height! 

If I were a boy, maybe I'd be her secret admirer, and since I was born as a girl, what I become is her secret envier :p --not haters okay? I don't have that much time to waste my energy hating others. If I don't like someone, I'd simply ignored them. 

Oh sorry, why did I talk about myself in her corner?

Well, well, we have something in common though we don't really talk about it. It's our tendency of liking Japanese than Korean. In this circle, maybe only us both whom you could include as J-popers, because the rest mostly talking about Korean drama and actors which I don't have any clue. 
What more? I'm running out of ideas. 

7. Echa (July 22)

She's the first friend I made in this circle. I met her in college before we both accept in Psychology Department. Staying close with her everyday and knowing her more, I know that she is an opposite personality of mine. Where she's kinda spoiled and dependent, while I like to be free and ignorance. 

She's a type who would stick to you and talking about her private over and over again. While I'm trying my best not to tell anything about me to others, and do my best to hide a personal problem like love story.

If you know, she's a primer stressor of my distress, since she's obsessed with studying and always have that relate to study topic whenever and wherever we talk, giving me a severe headache. I salute that side of her though. She's a perfect model of an ideal daughter of every parents in this world.

But she's worrying about her weight too much, which upset me sometimes; she has this routine to ask people a certain question almost everyday, which I already bored to hear much more to answer. If I were a genius, I had created an automatic answer machine to answer that question of her.

So please Cha, don't ask me that question again!

\\(*o*)//  \\(^0^)//  d(*o*)//  \\(^o^)9 \\(^o*)/7 \\(*O^)b  \\(*3*)//

and because their birthday was happened to be in holiday, we couldn't celebrate it at the right time. So when the new semester begun, we took initiative to hold a merge party. One party for three persons :D

Here's the photos...

\\(*o*)//  \\(^0^)//  d(*o*)//  \\(^o^)9 \\(^o*)/7 \\(*O^)b  \\(*3*)//

8. Cutpu (September 12)

No comment. I don't have anything to talk about this narcissistic and spoiled friend of mine.

Wondering why I wrote that kind of words to describe her? Because she's actually like that (take that in positive way). It's not like I'm saying she's a bad personality. We don't have any complain about her, but she's a perfect target to bully when we feel like to (once again, don't take it in wrong way).

Maybe because she's the youngest child in her family, she get that kind of personality. She's a natural beauty and funny. The reason why she often become a victim of our prank is because she's sometimes look dense. Like saying a wrong word in wrong place, making us hard to understand what she meant, or her over narcissistic statement just flick our interest in debating her.

9. Lani (October 14)

Before I write anything else, I'd like her to read this first: Lani, how could I contact you? I don't have BBM so please standby by your cellphone!

Yes, maybe she's the busiest person ever among us. I don't really understand why she have many cellphone but it actually hard to contact her. She has that habit to bring a pouch with contain her gadget everywhere but ignore every call and message. She's kind but because of that kind of event, I often get mad at her.

She's maybe the most religious and feminine in this circle. With that daily performance of her, no doubt that she's an ideal housewife of many people. She didn't talk bad about others, didn't do useless thing, didn't cry in public, didn't come to class on time (okay, the last is not a good side of her)

10. Ama (November 12)

This girl is quite hard to guess. Sometimes she looks so bright but in other time she looks lifeless. She's a hard worker but on another occasion I got an impression that she's a person who don't take things seriously; an ignorant.

Well, whatever, but something that I never failed to notice is that she's a teaser. Why? Because she's the only active suspect who has a great mental of bullying others. She has that passion to tease Cutpu or Echa who would responds her prank seriously. I like to join her sometimes though :D

For unknown reason, some students in my class often mistaken me as her or the way round. I don't know what's wrong with us, when I stand before the mirror, I didn't find any similarity between me and her. Okay, maybe we share the same destiny in this certain thing; height. Even Echa often call me by Ama, which I reply which showing her my poker face.

Seriously, how many years we have been friend? How could you still get me the wrong name?

\\(*o*)//  \\(^0^)//  d(*o*)//  \\(^o^)9 \\(^o*)/7 \\(*O^)b  \\(*3*)//

\\(*o*)//  \\(^0^)//  d(*o*)//  \\(^o^)9 \\(^o*)/7 \\(*O^)b  \\(*3*)//