Saturday, November 9, 2013

Someone Who Looks Like Me

Aira, I met someone who looks really similar to you.

A text that I received last night.

I frowned at first. Wondering what's the purpose of telling me? What's more, it came late at night.

Don't equate me with others. But I replied nevertheless, getting curious on why he may think I need to know that.
I'm not! She does look like you. The you when we're in junior high back then.Seriously! He insisted. 

I got annoyed on his stubbornness. Honestly, I don't like to be compared or equate with others, much more a stranger.

What thing she has that's similar to me? I asked at last, giving him a chance to explain what he really want to say.
The style, the face, the style of dresses... all is the same as you. So cool! 

Even if just by plain text by phone, I know he was so enthusiastic right there in other line. What a strange boy...
Even myself not that excited by this information. I didn't feel like want to see her, the one that he said look like me.

Me, 3rd grade in junior high. I can't believe I was so chubby back then!

But then... reading his latest message once again. I started to think in different way. He was talking about me in my junior high back then, and a realization came to me. I smirked.

This boy, the one who was texting with me was my classmate in 2nd grade in junior high. I remember him as the most annoying boy in my class, who like to bully me by calling my name nonstop, making everyone around turn to me. Of course I got embarrassed by that!

Perhaps, somewhere in my heart, I still resent his action in our school days. That's why a not-really nice idea pop out in my mind. I want to take revenge on him! Yes, I planned to get him embarrassed as I felt back then.

So, then, I replied his text... with huge different theme than before.

I don't know you concern that much...

I purposely not mentioned to whom I thought he concerned to, I want to tease him after all. And the replied just like what I had thought.

Concern? To whom? To her yes... but not to you.

He defended himself. and I know what was happening there, he must been really embarrassed. I smiled triumphantly. Gotcha!

Oh yeah? But it's up to you. I just wondering how could you say that she resemble me then... A dead card. I guessed if he still dare to retort me.

After some moments, a text come.

Go to sleep... It's late already.

That was his reply. In order to stop the arguing, he change the topic. He must feel afraid that I would prolonging this and embarrassed him more. I couldn't stop myself from giggling, feeling so satisfied that I could defeat him. 

For sure, I still want to tease him more. It's rare occasion when I could beat him when we're arguing. But being considerate, I choose to stop there. I didn't want to crush his pride more than that XD

Go ahead, sleepy head :p